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October 2, 2013

They Gang-bangin’ Again…

by datGurl!
Not again!!!!!!!

Not again!!!!!!!

Seems the ReThuglicans have done it again.

They have let the Federal Government shut down, all because they didn’t get their way.   First partial shutdown in 17 years as Congress failed to pass any federal spending bills for fiscal 2014, which began at 12:00 A.M., Tuesday, Oct. 1.

This is how they operate. Remember when the tax cut for the rich was on the table, Bam vowing to put a stop to the rich gettin’ richer?  They wanted to drop UI payments for millions of out of work Americans if they didn’t get their way. Boo Hoo. They held us (yes, even me at the time!) all hostage, till they got a compromise on the bill.  Thats whats up now. Playin’ dirty.

Most people will still get their SSI checks and the VA will only be partially closed, but dayumm!  Why we gotta get to this???

The main obstacle to keeping the government open has been the insistence of the most conservative House “Tea Party” ReThuglicans that even a six week budget stopgap bill (known as a continuing resolution) include some provision defunding or delaying all or part of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare), which they claim the vast majority of the public opposes.  They claim.

People in some cases, blame the Democrats for all this.  But look at the facts: ObamaCare is settled law–passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court, and reaffirmed by Obama’s 2012 re-election, so why is this an issue today?  Why don’t they just let things be; its already been settled.    I think Obama and the Dems are standing their ground.  I don’t blame them.   This time, unlike the UI debacle, they called the ReThuglican’s bluff.  Put the h3ll up or shut the h3ll up.

“One faction of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government doesn’t get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election.”        -President Obama

The approval rating of Bam has gone down to about 44%.  So what.  The Thuglicans is down to a nasty,  record low of a hot 10%.  In the end, the people will blame the ones who need to be blamed- we know who they are^.  You wont be able to miss ’em.  They’ll be the ones with that a thick layer of shyt on their faces.

Hey- I’m jus’ sayin’…

August 23, 2012


by datGurl!

Here’s one for you:  I’ve found out that here in Texas, atleast this part I’m in, are dealin’ in death.

The other day, I was sittin’ on my lil patio mindin’ my own, when I see the leasing office guy ride up on the golf cart they jet around the complex in, and get off at the apartment below me. He’s lookin’ all official, so I paid attention.

He used his key and went into the apartment. He was in there messin’ around for about 5-10 minutes. When he came out, he was carryin’ this man’s flat screen, and loaded onto the cart! While I’m takin’ all this in, he goes back in and comes back out with the computer and two DVD players.


So I ask the lil twerp ( he is a twerp; he has “little man” issues) what was up. This is what he told me: “If the tenant falls far enough behind on rent, we are able to confiscate property equal to the value of monies owed and hold said property in lien till aforesaid monies are tendered or items are sold to cover the outstanding obligation.”

Just like that, with his official ass. And proceeded to go back in and removed the rest of this man’s electronics, movies and CD’s, a jacket and some shoes! Then the smart ass twerp with the lil man issues told me to check my lease.

And put a boot on the door.

I did check my lease, and yep, it’s there. This is some Texas shyt. Nobody in Cali, where I’m from, is goin’ for this! Do you know how many caps would bust over this? O.M.G.

So I’m askin’ the masses; Have you ever heard of this as a legal form of collecting rent? Is this somethin’ they doin’ in your town and if so (dayumm!) where do you live?

I think this is so bizarre. Fortunately for me I’m one of those who pays her rent, on time and in full. Sometimes early. But this shyt here would definitely make me mend my ways if I wasn’t. I would be one of those who’d go twirlin’ up on that office goin’ off, and end up in jail.

Let’s go…

July 30, 2012

WTF!!!! Part 2

by datGurl!


I am highly pissed off. This is the exact type of shyt that makes you say, “WTF???” Twice.

This couple in Jackson, MS had planned their lil weddin’; set the date, printed and sent the invitations, ordered the cake, bridesmaids all decked out.  Ready to jump the broom.


The day before, the pastor of this predominantly clear church, Dr. Stan Weatherford,  called Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson, and told them the congregation of First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs had decided not to allow a Black wedding to be performed at that church.

I would have soooooo went off!!!!

This small knot of inbred, back-door slammin’, pot -bellied  dog breath crackas ‘senior members’ even held Dr. Stan’s balls to the fire, tellin’ him if he performed the ceremony in that building, they’d move to vote his ass out the door. Gangsta!

He did eventually marry them.  At another location.

First off, this is so blatantly racist and wrong.   Every since Bam hit the white house, they just come out the woodwork. This is 2012, not 1950.  I can’t believe they went this hard.

Secondly, these people were regulars at this church! They put money in the plate every Sunday.  They were ok with that…  We’ll take your money, but y’all cain’t get married here? 

I would have socked somebody.

Members outside “the clique” weren’t in on the bullshyt decision, but are said to be outraged and ashamed.  I wonder if they outraged and ashamed enough to pay me.  That’s what they’d have to do, ’cause I’d sue they pale-face asses for the entire cost of my wedding and whatever I laid out to change my phuckn plans and relocate. 

I told you I was pissed off.

April 19, 2012

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walkin’ With Black Granddaughter

by datGurl!

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter | NewsOne.

I know this man is hot as fish grease! Somebody call my mofo lawyer!

March 21, 2012

Rutgers offers course on Beyoncé |

by datGurl!

Rutgers offers course on Beyoncé | Welcome to

America, your educational tax dollars at work…

April 23, 2011

Judicial Star F*ckery

by datGurl!

Well Lindsay “The Loser” Lohan has had her day in court. And just like we all suspected, it truly was just a day-5 hours to be exact. And it didnt mean shyt.

The bytch is already back in the free world.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner played a big part in the latest line of Judicial Star F*ck’n. First she reduced the charge from felony theft (which would have laid this Snow Bunny down for a long while) to a funky misdemeanor, and then sentenced her to a measely 120 days in jail. With overcrowdin’ and her mouthpiece filin’ an appeal immediately clearin’ the way for her to bail- yep you guessed-the bytch is out of jail after only 5 hrs, on $75ThouWow bail.

Even though this same judge said she herself thought Lindsay took that necklace intentionally and wasn’t thinkin’ about returnin’ it to the store till 5-0 got involved.

This is becomin’ regular for this chicken head. Seems all she gets in court is a slap on the wrist and a pass to go out and f*ck up again. And each time she stands before a judge she’ walks free.

Are there palms bein’ greased???

This judge is derelict in her duties. She should’ve showed this broad fat meat IS greasy and fried her up some, by keepin’ that felony charge, convictin’ her, and throwin’ her ass in jail for enough time for her to get the message that the law aint playin’ with her ass.

Bytch was also sentenced to 480 hrs of community service in a morgue and a women’s center in downtown L.A. I wonder how they will let her out of that?

This is just a glarin’ example of forked-tongue logic when it comes to celebs and regular folks. Had this been you or me (or maybe just a random black person) that probation violation would have been, first off, for just havin’ contact with the police, NOT been reduced a misdemeanor, and would have cost 6 mos to 1 year in the hoosegow. For the violation, the we would discuss the grand theft…

I guess these people have to *actually kill* someone to learned that crime doesnt pay. The system will just continue to slap their blinge-out wrist, and send them back out to create bullsyt and havoc on the world…

(That person she slapped up at the rehab should press charges on her…)

The one comfortin’ thing is that Loser Lindsay hasn’t learned anything from this or her other brushes with the law. Everytime she went before a judege and they slapped that wrist and let her walk, she went right out and f-ed up again. She will do the same thing this time.

We can only hope that a competent judge and DA get the case, and she finally learns that she too can go to jail without passin’ go, and there are no more ‘get out of jail free’ cards…

April 8, 2011

What the Sam H3ll?

by datGurl!
When did huge, ugly, unattractive, unnecessary facial tats become fly?   If I missed it, I’d love someone to explain it to me…
Here’s the latest idiot…

Gucci Mane- as if he don't have enough problems with those crusty 'soup-coolers'...

Now, wtf he gonna do when his lil (already fizzlin’ out) rap career is over?  Who’s gonna hire a grown-ass man with a flamin’  ice cream cone coverin’ one whole side of his face (other than a sideshow) ?  He pleaded mental incompetence to escape some charges earlier this year.    This make it believable…
Not cool…

March 16, 2011

What Say You?

by datGurl!

Usually, I’m layin’ my intelligent opinion on the minions, but this one bears a ‘group’ opinion…

(This happened in 2009 and is just comin to litigation…)

24 yr old Levi  Mohney allegedly went to his girl’s house (this actually happened in a trailer park) and they got into a lil tiff…

When the 5-0 ‘responded’ (the majority of the reports I saw said they actually broke down the door…),  Levi was holdin’ a soda bottle of gas, and a Bic.   They claim they warned him if he didn’t give up, they would  ‘jolt’  him.    They further claim he said if they do, he’d set himself on fire.

The 5-0’s story (and they stickin’  to it),  is that he refused to surrender and then “the troopers used a stun gun and he ignited himself.”   Those exact words.   The boy wasn’t armed and did not pose a threat to anyone  but himself…

The boy burst into flames and died the next day, sufferin’ burns on 98% of his body.  24 years old.

Here’s where it gets sketchy to me:   Once he refused to surrender,  and assumin’ he’d soak himself in the gas while they were in route,  when they fired the taser, how long did he have to flic the bic and set himself on fire?    Those lil prods shoot out pretty dayumm fast.  And wouldn’t firin’ a taser and creatin’ a spark,  be the wrong thing to do when the man is standin’ there soaked in a flammable liquid? 

The question is:  WHO IGNITED THE GAS…?
At any rate, the father, Shawn Mohney, is suin’ in the Western District of U.S. District Court,  (The Fed’s House) for violations of civil rights, wrongful death, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.    Mr. Geckle (Shawn’s mouthpiece) said Levi was sufferin’ from a mental disability.


Do you think that Mr. Mohney’s case has merit?  How does the situation lay out to you?  Are the troopers blameless; is it possible that Levi actually set himself on fire?   Should the troopers be dinged for makin’ the wrong decision,  to fire the taser?

Humbly waitin’ on your reply…

January 21, 2011

Ok. Wow.

by datGurl!

Seems a teacher here in Crazy Cali, (Oakland to be exact) has been suspended indefinitely, after it was found that second graders had  performed sex acts, while the teacher watched.

Yep-thats what I said.

In one case, the kids took off their clothes and were naked in the classroom, which is already too much to process, but in the other case, a boy and girl engaged in oral sex in front of the class.   Brain meltdown in 5-4-3-…

WTF???   Naked???  Oral Sex???   Second graders???

The teacher f-ed up.  What did he/she think when the one kid stripped down?  And what the f*ck did he/she think when they lil boy and girl got down with the get down?  What did he/she say?  Anything?

Maybe they were gettin’ off.

I hope this suspension turns into a termination.  That person deserves to lose their job, and after they charge they ass with somethin’,  they ought to make that mofo register as a sex offender.  They lil teachin’ career is a wrap.

‘It is hard to understand how that could have occurred in second-grade class.’

My $64ThouWow Question is: What are these kids seein at home?  Are people gettin’ naked in front of them?  Are they seein’ their parents (or extended fam-bam) havin’ oral sex?  How do they know what this is?  This type of freakery is learned. ,,CPS needs to run up in there, and see how these kids are livin’; whats really goin’ on…

This is the news, folks.

October 30, 2010

Did He or Didnt He? And Why?

by datGurl!

Rumors have been swirlin’  about Bill Clinton ‘askin’  Kendrick Meeks (D-Florida) to drop out of the Senate race and endorse his opponent,  Charlie Crist

Bill & Kendrick. Chillin'

Bill denied that he ever ‘explicitly‘ ask him to drop out, but they did discuss the challenges’ (what?) he faced against Crist and Rethugilcan Marco Rubio.

The News reports Bill is ‘confirmin’ that he talked to Meek about leavin’ the race and endorsin’ Crist, and that Meeks had actually agreed.  Bill had a trip planned to be at a Oct 26th rally,  at which Meeks would step down and announce the endorsement.   Meeks ‘changed his mind at the last-minute.  

Then the shyt gets deeper: Bill issued a statement yesterday with a new explanation.  He said “he had not asked Meek to leave the race, and contrary to what McKenna told reporters Thursday, Meek never agreed to quit”.     He indicted that he had talked to Meek once, last week, about the prospect of him quitting the race.   “I didn’t ask Kendrick to leave the race, nor did Kendrick say that he would,” Clinton said.

“I still believe he could be the best senator to help Florida.”

Meeks did admit Bill asked him about ‘reports‘  (those again!) that he would drop out, and that the convo with Bill was brief and he never actually decided to quit.  (Kinda contradicts what the Clinton Camp said…)  “There was never a deal.”

He blamed The Crist Dude for plantin’  the rumours and tryin’  to run him out of the race. (and The Crist Dude did not deny that allegation.)

Ok- so WHO  leaked the story?    The White House?    The Democrat campaign officials?   The Crist Dude?   Everybody had a motive- The Crist Dude  wants to be governor, and it was confirmed (by CBS News) that Dude Crist (thru an underling) did reach out to Bill to ‘ask the question’.  (I smell desperation; his paltry 28% amongst ‘likely voters’ is trailin’ Rubio’s stellar 45% …)   And the Dems want to keep the Rethuglicans from pickin’ up a seat.     Anybody could’ve.   

Well as of this mornin, ‘ it doesn’t really matter.    Whoever is responsible for the leak,  wasted their lil time.  Meeks is stayin’  in the race. 

Politics sho’ is dirty,  aint it?


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