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October 2, 2013

They Gang-bangin’ Again…

by datGurl!
Not again!!!!!!!

Not again!!!!!!!

Seems the ReThuglicans have done it again.

They have let the Federal Government shut down, all because they didn’t get their way.   First partial shutdown in 17 years as Congress failed to pass any federal spending bills for fiscal 2014, which began at 12:00 A.M., Tuesday, Oct. 1.

This is how they operate. Remember when the tax cut for the rich was on the table, Bam vowing to put a stop to the rich gettin’ richer?  They wanted to drop UI payments for millions of out of work Americans if they didn’t get their way. Boo Hoo. They held us (yes, even me at the time!) all hostage, till they got a compromise on the bill.  Thats whats up now. Playin’ dirty.

Most people will still get their SSI checks and the VA will only be partially closed, but dayumm!  Why we gotta get to this???

The main obstacle to keeping the government open has been the insistence of the most conservative House “Tea Party” ReThuglicans that even a six week budget stopgap bill (known as a continuing resolution) include some provision defunding or delaying all or part of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare), which they claim the vast majority of the public opposes.  They claim.

People in some cases, blame the Democrats for all this.  But look at the facts: ObamaCare is settled law–passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court, and reaffirmed by Obama’s 2012 re-election, so why is this an issue today?  Why don’t they just let things be; its already been settled.    I think Obama and the Dems are standing their ground.  I don’t blame them.   This time, unlike the UI debacle, they called the ReThuglican’s bluff.  Put the h3ll up or shut the h3ll up.

“One faction of one party, in one house of Congress, in one branch of government doesn’t get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election.”        -President Obama

The approval rating of Bam has gone down to about 44%.  So what.  The Thuglicans is down to a nasty,  record low of a hot 10%.  In the end, the people will blame the ones who need to be blamed- we know who they are^.  You wont be able to miss ’em.  They’ll be the ones with that a thick layer of shyt on their faces.

Hey- I’m jus’ sayin’…

June 10, 2012

Where They Do That At???

by datGurl!

This is a mess.  A Triple XXL Hot Crunchy Super Ghetto Mess.


And wtf were these two doin’? 
Am I missin’ something? Is this the style now?  How is this shyt supposed to look in the mornin’?


June 3, 2012

Cuffed Up Again!

by datGurl!


Zimmy Boo is back in the slammer!  See, what had happened was…

They caught this mofo and his wifey lyin’ through they teeth.  About the money.   At the bail hearin’, they said they were broke.  “Limited” funds.   But in real life, they had $150G’s, from the website he set up days after murkin’ Trayvon, still in the free world.  What innocent person sets up a website, pleadin’ his case?  A guilty mofo.

So if he lied about the money, what else is he lyin’ about?  How and why he shot Trayvon?

This is what happened, y’all:

Trayvon went and got his Skittles and tea, and was on his way back to the house.  This cretin, instead of mindin’ his and goin’ to Target like his bro claims he was, decided to play the cop he always wanted to be when he grew up, and approached this boy. 

“What’re you doin’ here?”

Anybody normal would ask this mofo with no badge, no uniform, “And who the phuck are you?”  At this point this mofo ‘prolly grabbed Trayvon and commenced to gettin’ the shyt whupped outta him.

Zimmy Boo pulled that gun to get out from under that ass whuppin’. Plain and simple.

He was racially profilin’ Trayvon based on the flimsy excuse that there had been recent break-ins in the area.  What second-story man brings candy and a drink to the job?

His mouthpiece plans to schedule a new ball hearing, and plans to call this all a huge mistake…  They think he’ll be released again.

Mofo turned himself in lookin’ fresh and clean, healthy (not like he’s recoverin’ from a brutal beating…)  With $500 in his pocket.But he’s broke, let him tell it.

I hope this makes Florida open their eyes and see the spots on this leopard, and keep his ass on ice till the trial starts.

Stranger things have happened…


May 24, 2012

5 Things…

by datGurl!

Seriously phucked about this pic:


Really, boo???

1. You got a dude’s name tatted on your face.

2. The dude -whose name you have tatted on your face- doesn’t know you exist and support him so seriously.

3. You are doomed to be either a sideshow act or chronically unemployed, since no one is hiring sideshow acts and Boosie is ‘prolly not lookin’ for help…

4. No one told you a t-shirt would have been sufficient…

5. You got a dude’s name tatted on your face.

#I’m done.

May 22, 2012

Menace to Society

by datGurl!

Desmond Hatchett is askin’ the state of Tennesee to help him pay his child support.


For his 30 children.  With 11 different stupid women.

Desmond wants his payments reduced. Right now these broads get an average of $1.49 a month. How much lower can it get?

I really cant understand this guy or the chickenheads. What about condoms? He never had $1.50 to buy one? Homeboys didnt have one in their wallet?

The chickenheads. I wouldnt want shyt to do with a mofo with 10, 20 children. Wtf is he gonna do for you once those support payments get done diggin’ him out? Why lay down and join The Dummy Patrol and have another baby nobody’s gonna take care of?

“It just happened.” Thats his explanation. Cretin.

Tennessee needs to wrap his shyt in foil and seal it with duct tape. Sterilization. The state shouldnt allow him to have another child. The taxpayers will end up raisin’ these kids.


May 20, 2012

Such Bullshyt…

by datGurl!

What the hell is wrong with America, these days???  They just really dont like Black Folks, do they?

Just recently Houston acquitted a whyte officer for brutally beatin’ a 15-yr-old boy.  On Tape.   Him and his four big friends.   The others go on trial soon…

Now we have this George Zimmerman shyt.  Why is it not glaringly obvious that this mofo racially  profiled Trayvon supposedly on his way to Target, followed him when the police told him not too, and now Trayvon is dead?

It doesn’t matter to me if Trayvon was the aggressor.  I’m the aggressor if some random pink mofo starts followin’ me, askin’ what Im doin’ here.  Especially if he put his hands on me.

It doesn’t matter to me that Trayvon had 1.5 nanograms of weed in his system. A nanogram is one-billionth of a gram. Nothing. That could be second- hand smoke. And if he did hit tha blunt, it was 2 months before all this…

Trayvon was shot from “an intermediate distance”. That means that boy wasnt on top of him as he claims.

So he has cuts and bruises. Now. That mofo was not that beat up when he was walkin’ into the jail. That mofo’s nose aint broke either; where’s the black eyes that come with that? His eyes were’nt black in jail, and they weren’t at the arraignment. Does it bother anybody but me that this cretin refused treatment at the scene, and went to his own doctor. A paid for medical report…?

This worm is still turnin’, y’all…


May 15, 2012

Testin’ the “All U Can Eat” Theory

by datGurl!


Seems Bill went into Chuck’s fishery in Wisconsin, and ate up a buncha shyt. They politely asked him to leave.

“But you said all you can eat!” They fed him a lil more, then politely asked him to leave again, sayin’ they were runnin’ out of fish n’ fries.

Bill went off. This is false advertising. The police were called and Bill had to bounce.

Bil came back two days later with a picket sign vowin’ to faithfully protest every Sunday till they let him have all he can eat.

I aint mad at Bill. How about you?

May 2, 2012

What is The REAL issue????

by datGurl!

This is not healthy.  I can’t imagine what she is seein’ when she looks in the glass…

She is phuckin’ Black as hell!.  And she busted coz she took her 5 yr old to the salon, and she got burned!

April 29, 2012

Sweet Revenge!

by datGurl!

Dentist pulls ALL of ex-boyfriend’s teeth out after getting dumped . He was a dummy for even askin’…

April 21, 2012

Little do he kno…

by datGurl!

So that lil mofo got bail.  $150G’s.  The cretin put on a show, askin’  to speak to the family.  Good move but it didnt work – they refused to see his punk ass.

Here’s the test: Do he really wanna be out???   People not feelin’ this or him.

Picked off at 100 paces.


This might be the face of a Wanted Man…

Ahm jus’ sayin’…


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