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June 4, 2012


by datGurl!

Take a look at this pic:


…a closer look:


…and then even closer:


This awesome guy created this portrait of Bam by re-writin’ by hand, three of his speeches.  Applyin’ different pressure on the pen on different parts of the canvas made this masterpiece.

The guy is awesome.

How did I find this guy?  Watchin’ People’s Court.  John Turner Jr.was bein’ sued along with Resident Media, a graphic media company, that evidently forgot to pay the guy who drew the original pic.

I think the guy won $300.

Check the guy out; he’s the bomb!
John Turner Jr.

May 30, 2012

God Dayumm, Don!

by datGurl!


This guy never shuts the phuck up!!

The Donald was in Las Vegas riding the stiff polyester coat tails of Mr. Plastic Mitt Rommney.  Beatin’ that same ridiculous horse about Bam’s place of birth.

What he did was steal Mitt’s Moment.  Mitt had just clinch the delegates of anal-ass Texas (not such a huge victory; he’s all that’s left, besides The Black Guy), and was at the podium with his equally plastic wifey -big hair and all- with The Donald (???).

Instead of givin’ Mitt his props, he starts blatherin’ about this Birther shyt.

Why the phuck was he even on stage??? What was Mr. Plastic thinkin’???

He really needs to let this shyt go.  The state of Hawaii confirmed the man was born there, and he is the POTUS, so wtf does he expect to gain? It’s not like he can be bounced out of the White House today over this.

If Mr. Plastic has any sense, he’d run as fast as he can in any direction, far away from The Comb-Over Clown.

The Donald’s racist panties are showin’.


May 22, 2012

Somebody finally said it…

by datGurl!


May 1, 2012

Kimmy Kakes would be ‘amazing at holding office’: Mom

by datGurl!

Kim Kardashian would be ‘amazing at holding office’, says mom…


These bobble heads. They never cease to amaze me. Kim runnin’ for any office is crazy to me.

What is supposed to happen when its time to balance a budget? Make a big congressional decision? Will they call in their entourage of stylists and makeup artists to handle it?

Dont they kno this is a Real Life Job and somebody might want her to kno a lil sumpthin’?

I can just imagine a city council meeting…

April 17, 2012

Bill O’Reilly on Trayvon Martin

by datGurl!

Bill O’Reilly Trayvon Martin | NewsOne.

Her lawyer should have known Unfair & Biased Fox News was not the thing to do… #smdh

June 2, 2011

#Weinergate: Weighin’ in…

by datGurl!

This guy has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do.  Not sure how he’s gonna pull that off, but…

Anthony Weiner can forget about bein’ Mayor of NY.  Ever since the pic tweeted across America went live.  He says he’s innocent and not too much more.

The pic, of a man’s crotch with a woody, was tweeted from his account to college coed, 21 yr old Gennette (“I don’t know him, but I’m a fan”) Cordova, in Seattle.   So how does that happenHE says his account was hacked, but doesn’t want a ‘official’  investigation.  Really now?

When that mealy mouth mofo was on TV this mornin’ talkin’ about the taxpayers don’t need to pay for a lengthy investigation”, that was bullshyt.  I think his ass is scared that if they did one, they gon’ find out what we already kinda know: He’s a dayumm pervert and out of control.  (He’s hired a private an Internet security firm -to investigate how his account was supposedly hacked- and a whole dayumm law firm- his ass got somethin’ to hide…)

Of course he is denyin’ he sent the pic, and ‘cant say’ if the draws are his, and ‘cant be sure’ the pic is not of him.  Recent reports say he now is admittin’ it was a private pic that belonged to him, was manipulated (by who? how did they get it?), and taken out of context.  Top that off with  the first of what might be many Bobble-Heads comin’ out the woodwork (like they did Tiger; its been a trend ever since…) sayin’ she got “private” messages on Twitter from her ‘hero’, Mr Weiner.    She’s a porn star.  He follows a lot of women on Twitter who don’t have shyt to do with politics; Gennette is one of them.   Why??  Wifey should be askin’ that question right now.

And there may even be a connection between him and Lil Ms. Cardova.    How did this pic just randomly come to her, the ‘fan’?  Hackers usually send shyt to everybody they can.  Not just one person.  And she’s not outraged enough for me.  Regardless of who this man is in life, if someone would have sent me a pic of they Johnson at attention, unsolicited I’d be hot as fish grease, while Im tellin’  the world…     So what’s  really  goin’  on between these two?  When people follow each other on Twitter they can send private messages to each other.   Wonder if someone accidently hit “Reply to all” or somethin’?

His shyt is gettin’ raggedy as we speak.

The best thing he can do, in my humble opinion, is come clean and take his licks.  Forget about bein Mayor; that is not gonna happen.  There are way too many holes in his lil story right now.  And with the Bobble Head Porn Star gettin’ ready for her 15 Minutes of Fame, he’d better hurry up.

(and for the record, his shyt was hella little compared to some… I’m jus’ sayin’.)

Footnote:  Guys snappin’ pics of their shriveled johnsons seems to be all the rage.   Coupla days  before Weiner Man ,  Canadian Conservative candidate  George Lepp tweeted a pic of himself naked from the waist down legs crossed, “pee-pee” pointed up.  His excuse?  The photo was inadvertently snapped by his BlackBerry (its alive!)  when it (the photo and I guess the phone) was in his front pocket.   Evidently this cretin had all this goin’ on while gettin’ ready to ride the Niagara Falls.  Who ever this creepy mofo handed his precious BB to, must have found immediately (magically)  that accidently-snapped pic of his ass, that just happened to be in his  front pocket, for what reason we dont know, rushed to a computer and lobbed a major tweet.

Yeah, right.


June 2, 2011

Drug Test Required for Welfare!

by datGurl!

Looks like they goin’ hard in the State of Florida.  Gov. Rick Scott signed a law Tuesday that requires drug screens for adults applyin’ for welfare.

The law goes live July 1st.    The Florida Department of Children and Family Services will start requirin’ to  drug tests adults applyin’ to the state’s TANF program.   And the recipient pays for the testIF they pass and get approved,  the cost will be refunded to them in their check.   If the person doesn’t pass, they can get another person to recieve the benefits for their children, but they wont be eligible for one year or until they get treatment.    Fail the second time?   3 years till they can apply again.   (Ouch!)

I guess The Gov does have a point, when he says its unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addictions.”

I see the ‘pros’ in this.  We all know Becky/Shaniqua and Cody/Jamaal with the houseful of kids and a phat-ass check and foodstamps.  They on crack/meth/E-pills/heroin (select one), and spend all the money on to get high, then sell the stamps to keep gettin’ high (and a pack of cigs and a beer/wine/’erk and jerk’).   When all that’s gone, they at community action agencies, lookin’ for food baskets, assistance with utility bills, and rent.   Not only have the taxpayers supplied the 1st check, they pickin’ up the tab on the ‘band-aid’ too.

Most of these people really are worthless, acceptin’ (in some cases, demandin’) the help, but not tryin’ to help themselves. Layin’ up in they bs.   No job trainin’ or further education, things that are offered to them to try and dig they asses out of the ditch they in…  These agencies will even keep the kids and they still won’t get off the couch.

So what about the ‘recreational weed smoker’? (the only one I can side with.  If you doin’  anything above weed, you need a 12-step program instead of a check.)

Anyway, the ALCU and some Florida Dems say its an invasion of privacy, and called it a “humiliating search of their urine and body fluids without cause or even suspicion of drug abuse“.

There will be some challenges, but its law today, folks.

So what do you think of this law?  Is it right?  Wrong? 

May 24, 2011

Stanley, The “Adult Baby”

by datGurl!

This is the shyt they need to be lookin into.   Did y’all know our tax money is goin’ to provide a perverted mofo a SSI check every month?   Infantilism is now a disability, and qualifies for benefits from the feds?

Yep that’s the case, but somebody is talkin’ shyt…

Sen. Tom Coburn, OK-Rep., sent a letter, askin’ the Social Security Admin to look into the a 30 yr old Stanley Thornton Jr., to see if him and his roomie,  Sandra Dias deserve they lil checks every month.  He also sent copies of the letter to President Barack Obama, California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and U.S. Rep. Wally Herger, R-Chico.

Stanley lives his life as a ‘grownup baby“, and Sandra, bless her heart, acts as his ‘mother’.  (How f’n sick are these mofos?)

Tom say he ain’t clear on why these two are drawin’ SSI checks on the state’s dime.

This 350-lb mofo is walkin’ around all day in diapers, has built himself a man-sized crib, that he actually sleeps in, rollin ‘ around in onesies, shytin”, and sucks a bottle.  He is in the process of buildin’ a man-sized high chair for his fat ass.  The sick Sandra bytch plays ‘momma‘, changin’ diapers, makin’ bottles, and spoon-feedin’ this mofo.   Playin’ with Leggos?  Suckin’ on a pacifier?

God, they need counselin’…

Look @ this sick mofo... smh*

View his sick ass episode here

This all came out when these ‘disabled’ people were on a reality show (isn’t everything a reality show these days?), National Geographic Channel’s “Taboo“, with all the sick weird diaper shyt, and they showed this mofo walkin’ around Redding, CA., like a normal person in regular clothes, runnin’ errands,  and shoppin’ in a store for the shyt he needs to build the high chair, like a normal person.   Not only that, this man runs a website for him and his sick ass friends.   An internet support group for weirdos.,  is dedicated to, I guess, people who are Adult Babies.

Diaper Lovers”?  “Bed Wetter Chat”?  O. M. G.

Tom is not playin’.  ‘Baby Fraud’ is now a crime to him. He’s tryin’ to burn both they asses for SSI fraud.  If this mofo can come out in public normal, drive himself everywhere he wants to go, and run a dayumm website, aint nothin‘ crazy or disabled about his ass.

“Given that Mr. Thornton is able to determine what is appropriate attire and actions in public, drive himself to complete errands, design and custom-make baby furniture to support a 350-pound adult and run an Internet support group, it is possible that he has been improperly collecting disability benefits for a period of time.”   –Tom

He claims to be actin’ like a baby to deal with PTSD from some ‘supposed’ child abuse.  For the last 10 years!  This woman is an ex-nurse, and I still haven’t seen why she gets the check, but she does.

Stanley issued a threat through an email to the Washington Times:

“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. . . I have no problem killing myself. ” –The Baby

So what’s next?  We don’t know.  Right now,  Mr Coburn is shakin’ trees at the Social Security Admin.  These two mofos can go to work!

Tom has a point.  But you be the judge:

May 23, 2011

Sarah is Bouncin’ Again!

by datGurl!

"Kiss my ass, Alaska. Im outta here!" For Real.

Well- lets see:  Sarah Palin bounced out on Alaska,  mentally and spiritually, when she ran for VP and thought she was gonna get famous.  Sarah bounced on Alaska again when she decided to step down as Gov. to ‘pursue her dreams’ of bein’  America’s Stupidest Magpie.

Looks like Sarah is bouncnin’ on Alaska again, for good this time.  She’s bringin her side-show to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Snitches say she bought a $1.7Milli, 8000-sq-ft crib thru Safari Investments.  This lil mini-mansion has six bedrooms, six-car garage, a pool and a spa, a home theater, wine cellar, and ‘billards’ room.   Livin’  pretty good on magpie-ism, I see…

Guess she wants to be near her no-dancin’,  face-lift havin’ daughter,  Bristol.  She just bought a house in Maricopa earlier this year.   And then there’s her bud, John McCain.  Maybe she thinks they can play together again…

Maybe she wants to get closer for a Presidental run in 2012.  The bytch reportedly told some reporter  (who can still stand the sound of her voice) that she has a ‘fire in her belly’ for the Presidency.   I doubt she could win the nomination,  let alone the title.  There aren’t too many of the fanatical fools who jumped on her tails when she first started runnin’ her mouth , around these days.  At least not enough for a ride into the White House.   This bytch is 5 hours pass her 15-Minutes of Fame.

Then there’s these tell-all books comin’ out about her.  One of the most anticipated ones, “Blind Allegiance“, by Frank Bailey a former aide, tells the world how the bytch was ready to run off from Alaska and the Govenorship months before she did,  chasin’ more ‘lucrative’ offers.  He tells the truth about that firin’ of her sister’s ex too.

Arizona is not far enough to run away from the shyt that is about to fly behind these books.

Well.  She’ll be in good company down there with Jan “Cruella DeVille” Brewer, another bobble head talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothin’.

Dayumm, I’m glad I live in Cali,  Arnold “Sperminator” Schwarzenegger  and all.

May 22, 2011

Tea Party Swirl

by datGurl!

These inbreds have a trick up their sleeves.  Even though it’s stupid…

The Tea Party has announced their GOP candidate for POTUS: Herman “The Hermanator” Cain, a Black Man.  Calls himself a Conservative.

He wants to be Prez...

I guess they tryin’ it again. The former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza is their answer to Barack.

Just like that idiot Michael Steele.  He was their first answer to Barack.  Chairman of the RNC.   We see how that turned out…   He was a pawn; all he was supposed to do was stand up there, say little, and look Black.    And as soon as shyt started hittin’ the fan, they thew his ass under the bus, and then out the door.

So now they have this pawn.  They rage about Barack’s lack of experience on foreign policy, economic, etc., yet they toss this man in the ring- never havin’  held an elected office (lost a bid for the Senate in 2004).   He broke- I guess they haven’t cashed him out yet; his lil ‘political action committee’ only made $16Thou this year.

This is the best they can do? I don’t think Barack had anything to worry about.

Just for laffs, I wonder what Sarah Palin’s magpie ass has to say about this…


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