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November 26, 2013

Brian is Dead!

by datGurl!

I can’t believe they killed off Brian!

R.I.P, Dude

R.I.P., Dude

Brian Griffin, a white Labrador who had lived with the Griffins on “Family Guy” for 11 years, died on Sunday in front of the Griffin home on Spooner Street. He was 8. Or 56 in people years.  They say he was run over by a car.  Stewie tried to save him but to no avail.

Brian was replace by a Italian-American pooch named Vinnie (I haven’t seen him but I’m sure he looks suspiciously like Brian…) who talks like a Soprano.

Brian was a prolific dog who wrote novels; Brown University-educated, born to father Biscuit and mother Coco, directed porn movies; spoke Spanish, French, and Tagalog; and was a member of MENSA. He was an Iraq War veteran and one-time police dog, served with the Peace Corps, and was a colorful character who enjoyed women, wine (or rather, a perfectly concocted dry martini), and the occasional recreational refreshment (okay, he was a recovering coke addict). (YAHOO TV)

Brian did have the chance to say goodbye to his family, telling them, “You’ve given me a wonderful life.  I love you all.”

Pass the Kleenex….

I’m not happy with this.  I don’t like Vinnie already and how can he be greater than Brian?  I will be watching Family Guy to see how they pull this off.


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April 24, 2013

The Posturing Begins…

by datGurl!


This monster is delayin’ his trial so he can -wait for it- get a mental evaluation!

Mario. McNeil is on trial for the rape and murder of 5 yr old  Shaniya Davis

THIS IS BULLSHYT!  They are just stallin’ for time, why I don’t know.   As far as I’m concerned,  they’ve had THREE PHUCKN YEARS to get his head examined.  NOW they want to come up with this? Absurdly,  yes.  They’re also claimin’ the prosecution offered to take it off the table if he led them to the body.  Of course they deny that.

He really thinks he can get off for this crime.  Why else would he turn down the deal that took the DP off the table in exchange for Life Without A Pop? Does he think he can go thru a trial and win?

You’re gonna face the music, Cretin.  You and that worthless ass momma of hers.  The whole orchestra.  This shyt is real life, this ain’t no game you can play, then pick up your toys and go home.

I just wish I could be there when they fall.


May 22, 2012

Menace to Society

by datGurl!

Desmond Hatchett is askin’ the state of Tennesee to help him pay his child support.


For his 30 children.  With 11 different stupid women.

Desmond wants his payments reduced. Right now these broads get an average of $1.49 a month. How much lower can it get?

I really cant understand this guy or the chickenheads. What about condoms? He never had $1.50 to buy one? Homeboys didnt have one in their wallet?

The chickenheads. I wouldnt want shyt to do with a mofo with 10, 20 children. Wtf is he gonna do for you once those support payments get done diggin’ him out? Why lay down and join The Dummy Patrol and have another baby nobody’s gonna take care of?

“It just happened.” Thats his explanation. Cretin.

Tennessee needs to wrap his shyt in foil and seal it with duct tape. Sterilization. The state shouldnt allow him to have another child. The taxpayers will end up raisin’ these kids.


April 17, 2012

Bill O’Reilly on Trayvon Martin

by datGurl!

Bill O’Reilly Trayvon Martin | NewsOne.

Her lawyer should have known Unfair & Biased Fox News was not the thing to do… #smdh

April 15, 2011

Senility has set in…

by datGurl!

What the h3ll does a 94-yr-old mofo and his equally ancient and wrinkled crone, need with a baby?

Nothin’. Not a dayumm thing…

But Zsa Zsa “Slap A Mofo” Gabor and her hubby, Prince Frederic von Anhalt are thinkin of doin’ just that. So much so, Prince Fred has already ambled down to a clinic and gave blood and sperm samples, lookin’ for donor matches. (They still have that at 94?)

Thank God she is not considerin’ carryin this baby; they plan on gettin a surrogate for that to the tune of $100G’s. But once the birthin’ process is over, who is gonna take care of this baby??? He’s dayumm near A Hunnit and probably falls asleep at in opportune times of the day. Somebody is helpin his ass to the bathroom! Her ass was just layin’ up in the hospital dramatically proclaimin she’s goin’ next (this was right after Liz…)

Zsa Zsa & Baby Daddy

Where is the rest of the family? They don’t have conservators? Somebody to put the brakes on this madness? Is this some type of publicity stunt?

This would be child abuse to hand a dayumm baby to these old-ass people, and they the parents. They may not see this child go to kindergarten, let alone graduate high school and go to college… Who’s gonna toss footballs with ‘Lil Freddy’ or go shoppin’ with ‘Lil Zsa’?

No this is a very bad idea. I hope reality steps in soon…

April 11, 2011

…And then I’d sue.

by datGurl!

I'll have one for the road...

A woman went to a Michigan Applebee’s Sunday,  and didn’t think her meal would be interrupted with a quick trip to the hospital for her 15-month old.

Taylor Dill didnt expect her son to have a BAC of .10 either, which is within the legal limit.
She said he was sittin’ there happily sippin’ what they thought was apple juice from his lil sippy cup, when he started actin’ a lil strange.   He was sayin’  hi and bye to the walls and shyt.  He eventually laid his head down and went to sleep.
When she tasted the ‘apple juice’, turns out wasn’t no apple in that juice at all.   It was straight margarita.   How did this happen?  No one at their table ordered any alcohol…
The manager profusely apologized (‘prolly thinkin’ about that lawsuit on the horizon…), and the chain promised to launch an investigation.   I know those employees are shakin’  in their boots.  Someone made a huge (stupid) mistake or played a seriously dangerous (stupid) trick.   Either way, heads are gonna roll.
Lil dude is ok.  Mom says she not goin’ back to that spot again…
This day is startin’ off weird…
April 8, 2011

To Pepper Spray or not to Pepper Spray…

by datGurl!


You have a person who will not calm down.  This person had just tossed a TV and some chairs across the room, and is now tryin’ to ram a cart through a door to an office where adults and children fled for safety.

You call 5-0.

When they get there, this person had a foot long piece of wood, trimmed to a point (for stabbin’?) in one hand, and a cardboard box (for body parts?) in the other.

“Come get me, f*cker!”

The first pepper shot was blocked by the cardboard box.  The second shot hit him in the side of the head.  He went down, and was cuffed up.  The standoff was over.

Aidan Elliot is 8 years old, and on TV yesterday with his mother sayin’ pepper-sprayin’ an ‘unruly ‘ 8 yr old is too much.   Really?

bad-ass Aidan...

5-0 says it was the best choice.

“Had the officers chosen to be hands-on with him, the potential for him getting some type of injury and, maybe even officers, would have been much higher.”

This is not the first time this lil boy has been talked down by police from showin’ his ass.   There are two earlier incidents the police were called to this school for this lil boy.

The latest shyt started on the bus, him screamin’  and actin’ a fool.   After breakfast he continued, throwin’  chairs at his teachers, threatenin to slap them around, bein’ “very aggressive and violent.”   They barricaded themselves in an office and called police,  while he tried to bust the door down threatenin’ to kill them all.

“I’m going to kill you once you get out of that room.”

My opinion: His little ass deserved that and more.  His mother shouldnt be glorifyin’ his little ass with TV appearances –they on GMA today– and all this support as if he didn’t do anything but bat his lil eyes.   He needs an ass whuppin’;  ain’t no way in the world that a child of mine would show his ass anywhere like this,  and expect me not to go upside that head with the quickness.

All she’s doin’ is showin this kid that there are no consequences for his actions, and if there are, its cash on the wood.  Mamma will stand down with him, even if he is in the wrong.   All the way to the bank (or ‘check-cashin’ place’)

This lil mofo is armed and threatenin’ to harm his teachers and classmates?  Destroyin’ public property?  Tauntin’  the police when they do get there?

“I will kill you mother-f*ckers.”

In real life, had he been older, the consequences would have been a cap busted in his ass, and the police on TV talkin’ about how they had no choice but to ‘take him out’.

Had this been 10 yrs from now we’d be readin’ about little Aidan shootin’ up the school and killin’ those classmates…

Right now his stupid mother,  Mandy is filin’ papers against the 5-0.   Lookin for a payday.  (Why does everyone in American think everything is a lawsuit??) She should be whuppin’ his ‘grown’ ass.    She claims he doesn’t act this way at home, only at school.  I don’t believe that, because she also said in the same article,  that she’s “tried puttin’ him on meds but they don’t work”.  (So then, if this performance is only for school, why the meds?   I’m jus’ sayin’… )

Mother Mandy better stop seein’ dollar $igns and blaming her son’s issues on everybody else, expecting the school district to solve his behavioural problems.    This child by the statements he’s made, needs a mental help.   She needs to get her son that help before there is a real tragedy.

So, minions, what do you think?  Should  Aidan’s bad ass been peppered sprayed,  once he was out of control?  Should the police instead had tried to ‘talk him down’?  Did the school do the right thing in callin the 5-0?

Waitin’ on you…

April 5, 2011

Guess she didn’t get it her way…

by datGurl!

Now WHY, if you rollin’ with a fake name, a rap sheet with cocaine possession, criminal mishchief, and hinderin’ prosecution on it, would you have you ass standin’  on the counter in a restaurant screamin’ and hollarin’ about some dayumm fries?

That’s what 31 yr old Miss Nekiva Vonte Hardy a.k.a Kimesha Smith  a.k.a The Bikini Brawler, of Montgomery, Ala. did.

this hairdo is the felony... smh

“We tore the Burger King up. I don’t play no games.”

And neither to the police.  Her funky ass is now addin’ felony charges, includin’  another charge of criminal mischief with $1ThouWow+ in damages, to that wonderful rap sheet.   Two counts of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, providin’  a false name and address and birth date to police, added to the stew too. And resistin’ arrest.   She was caught on tape March 19th, literally showin’ her ass in a Panama Beach, Fla Burger King, because she felt they were takin’ too long with her order.    And show her ass she did.

The girl is seen standin’ on the counter,  screamin and hollarin,  napkins and other shyt are flyin thru the air.  She is clearly seen in the vid (that got 51,000 views monday alone-51,000 witnesses!) attacking a worker with a donation jar.  Her stupid friends are tossin’  shyt around too.  Stupidity must be in the water in this hood…

Clearly stupid and no home-trainin’.  This is a 31 yr old woman with four kids, who should have a job and should know when a place is crowded (and the vid shows a whole lotta people lookin’ at her show her ass!) that things might take a lil extra time.  She definitely should know that this is not the way to act in public or an example to set for your children, under any circumstances.

She knows now.

They should make her superwoman-ass pay all the damages she created, and instead of jail make her work in Burger King -that same one- for the next year.  They can pay her or not, I dont’ care.  But let her get to see what that job entails, and see if she can get that shyt across that counter in record time, like she wanted that worker to do.

And someone should be commissioned to come in there once a week and bust her upside the head with a donation jar.  ‘BET NOT say nothin’…

Her fam-bam must be burstin’ with pride…

March 21, 2011

Sometimes Things Just Aint Right…

by datGurl!

Y’all remember the Abraham Shakespeare case?  That bytch  Dee Dee Moore befriendin’ the $17Milli (he actually won $30Milli, just cashed out at 17) Lotto winner only to have him killed tryin’ to take all his dough.

Poor Abe...

Well seems like his poor, grievin’ mother, Elizabeth Walker -who is still waitin’ on her son to pull his black car into her driveway, po’ thang- won’t see a dime of any monies they recover from this bullshyt.     Isn’t that just f-ed up?

Stephen Martin, the mouthpiece workin’ on reclaimin’  some of Abe’s estate, told her a while back that any assets would go to his two lil boys.

funky bia...

Under Florida law, the only way a parent can have claim to an estate,  is if they are named in a will. Otherwise, any assets are passed to children or wifey/boo.

She still lives in her lil wood house in Lakeland.  All she has of her son is a silver CD player he  brought to her the last time she saw him alive, and a lawn mower.

He was her baby.  She often thinks of him eatin’  his favorite Sugar Smacks cereal…

In the mean time, this broke-down bytch is actually fightin’  to keep the man’s $1.07 million dollar crib -even threatenin’ so sue-she claims she bought from him…   The same piece of property that was ‘transferred’ from Abe to some fake ass company the broad ‘owned’   All this while in the clink on first degree murkin’ charges.   I swear this bytch has a full set of kahonies.

The estate claims she never paid him for it.  I don’t think she did either.

I guess I can be kinda glad they finally charge this broad.  Took ’em long enough.    And I can’t wait till they convict her ass.  The deck is pretty well stacked against her; she even tried to ‘hire’ a  mofo already goin’ down, to take the rap, tellin’ him he’d ‘be famous and even appear on Oprah’.

Come on folks…

Stay tuned.

November 10, 2010

Introducin’… Jesus Christ!~

by datGurl!

I can’t think of any better introductiion for the King of  Kings, His Majesty, The Lord Jesus Christ, than this one here!  Lawd…  Stirs you right up.

Folkz, get up on yo’  feet and praise the Lord!~ 


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