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September 18, 2013

The Coverup…

by datGurl!

In the news lately is -of course- George Zimmerman, again. We are all familiar with his domestic violence case- he whooped everybody’s a$$ in the house- but now Georgy Boy has a bigger problem.


Dr. Shiping Bao, a former associate medical examiner in Florida’s Volusia County who testified at George Zimmerman’s second-degree-murder trial in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, plans to file a $100 million lawsuit in the case.  He is alleging that the Medical Examiner, the State Attorney’s office and the Sanford Police Department were all biased against Trayvon, and threw the case.  Their general attitude was that Trayvon got what he deserved. He was told to be quiet about the issue.  Of course Bao was fired last week for failin’ to keep his mouth shut ‘undisclosed reasons’.  Okay…

Prosecutors called Bao to the stand , but never asked the right questions because they knew he would have evidence that Trayvon was not the aggressor.  He had scientific evidence that Trayvon was not on top of Georgy Boy.

What I like about this is that, if these accusations are true, Old Georgy is going before the judge again, only this time for 1st degree murder.  And I’m almost certain he will not walk this time.  If he does, it won’t be on his own, if you know what I mean.  If these people know what’s good for them and Georgy, they wont try this shyt again.

This time I think they really will burn down Sanford, hell, all of Florida if they don’t get some act right in this case.



April 19, 2012

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walkin’ With Black Granddaughter

by datGurl!

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter | NewsOne.

I know this man is hot as fish grease! Somebody call my mofo lawyer!

April 19, 2011

Did U Kno…?

by datGurl!

Ok- Trollin’ again. This time, I really found some bullshyt!

Did y’all know it is actually legal to look at kiddie porn in Oregon? You can look but not download? In the United States?

These people can’t be serious. They just can’t be…

Well its the dayumm truth. Ran up on a post on Aero’s blog from January, and thought I was seein’ shyt. But nope-it is the truth. They call themself rewritin’ a 1995 law…

The Oregon Surpreme Court ruled 5 to 2, (that many idiots?) that simply surfing the Web doesn’t fit the definitions of ‘possession and control’ in the 1995 law. Further action, such as payin’ for the images or downloading them, is required for a conviction.

Don’t that sound like some bullshyt????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The ‘Yes-Men’ Say: “The intangible nature of a web image is analogous to seeing something that a visitor has temporarily placed in one’s own home. , who is retiring after 25 years on the court. “One may be aware of it, may even have asked the visitor to bring it for viewing, but one does not thereby possess the item.” –Justice W. Michael Gillette (who is retirin’ as we speak…blockquote>

Are you still tryin’ to wrap your head around this? I am…

Dissenters say: “The majority’s decision fails to recognize that today’s iPhone is yesterday’s photograph. An image displayed on an iPhone could be passed from person to person just as a photo could be. The fact that the person has not saved the image to his iPhone does not mean that the person does not possess or control it.” –Justice Rives Kistler

This is kinda outrageous to me. So based on this crazy rulin’, prosecutors have to cross ‘t’s’ and dot ‘i’s’ and try to create cases, and maybe not bring charges at all,which is very sad because a sick-ass pedophile will be roamin’ the streets on a technicality.

I hope somebody in that legislative body comes up with some type of bill to refute this. This is a mistake, and I’m sho’ about it!~

I told y’all, this world is goin’ crazy.

April 15, 2011

Jesse Got Problems…

by datGurl!

*I* would not rub ointment on < this man...

Him and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition have been filed on by a gay dude that used to work for them, and says he was fired based on his sexual orientation.

(Read complaint here)

Tommy Bennett-a member of President Obama’s gay rights issues panel who also moonlights as “Aruba Tommy” on Tom Joyner’s show- filed the complaint with Chicago Commission on Human Relations. Tommy says that while he was there as Jesse’s travel assistant 2007-2009, he was descriminated against by co-workers who refused to work with him because he is gay.

Shyt gets deeper for Jesse: Tommy says Jesse made him “complete humiliating tasks” like escortin’ women in and out of his hotel rooms and cleanin’ up the gushy-goo his bodily fluids after he beat the brakes off of them. (Ugh!) He says he was even ‘instructed‘ to rub ointments between Jesse’s legs (Jesse interested in packin’ the peanut butter? Otherwise, why would you ask A MAN to do this? )’cause he had a rash down there (wtf??). Of course, Tommy refused and says he was called a “lil motherf*cker.”

Deeper: He says he was called to Jesse’s room one night, and when he got there Jesse had on drawls and a v-neck t-shirt (people still wear those?) and he had a woody was “sexually aroused.” I wonder how that night ended…

One accusation is that he asked Tommy to give brain perform oral sex…

He was termed due to ‘lack of funding’, but he says someone was hired to replace him after he was kicked to the curb.

He wants his back pay and loss of wages-$98,300, $350,000 for emotional stress, and punitive damage. He also wants to have PUSH’s non-discrimination policy re-written to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Whoa. If he can prove this the shyt is goin to really hit the fan. We already know Jesse is a whore, but a freaky one? This wont put any feathers in his cap…

So the question is: Did he or didn’t he…?

April 8, 2011

To Pepper Spray or not to Pepper Spray…

by datGurl!


You have a person who will not calm down.  This person had just tossed a TV and some chairs across the room, and is now tryin’ to ram a cart through a door to an office where adults and children fled for safety.

You call 5-0.

When they get there, this person had a foot long piece of wood, trimmed to a point (for stabbin’?) in one hand, and a cardboard box (for body parts?) in the other.

“Come get me, f*cker!”

The first pepper shot was blocked by the cardboard box.  The second shot hit him in the side of the head.  He went down, and was cuffed up.  The standoff was over.

Aidan Elliot is 8 years old, and on TV yesterday with his mother sayin’ pepper-sprayin’ an ‘unruly ‘ 8 yr old is too much.   Really?

bad-ass Aidan...

5-0 says it was the best choice.

“Had the officers chosen to be hands-on with him, the potential for him getting some type of injury and, maybe even officers, would have been much higher.”

This is not the first time this lil boy has been talked down by police from showin’ his ass.   There are two earlier incidents the police were called to this school for this lil boy.

The latest shyt started on the bus, him screamin’  and actin’ a fool.   After breakfast he continued, throwin’  chairs at his teachers, threatenin to slap them around, bein’ “very aggressive and violent.”   They barricaded themselves in an office and called police,  while he tried to bust the door down threatenin’ to kill them all.

“I’m going to kill you once you get out of that room.”

My opinion: His little ass deserved that and more.  His mother shouldnt be glorifyin’ his little ass with TV appearances –they on GMA today– and all this support as if he didn’t do anything but bat his lil eyes.   He needs an ass whuppin’;  ain’t no way in the world that a child of mine would show his ass anywhere like this,  and expect me not to go upside that head with the quickness.

All she’s doin’ is showin this kid that there are no consequences for his actions, and if there are, its cash on the wood.  Mamma will stand down with him, even if he is in the wrong.   All the way to the bank (or ‘check-cashin’ place’)

This lil mofo is armed and threatenin’ to harm his teachers and classmates?  Destroyin’ public property?  Tauntin’  the police when they do get there?

“I will kill you mother-f*ckers.”

In real life, had he been older, the consequences would have been a cap busted in his ass, and the police on TV talkin’ about how they had no choice but to ‘take him out’.

Had this been 10 yrs from now we’d be readin’ about little Aidan shootin’ up the school and killin’ those classmates…

Right now his stupid mother,  Mandy is filin’ papers against the 5-0.   Lookin for a payday.  (Why does everyone in American think everything is a lawsuit??) She should be whuppin’ his ‘grown’ ass.    She claims he doesn’t act this way at home, only at school.  I don’t believe that, because she also said in the same article,  that she’s “tried puttin’ him on meds but they don’t work”.  (So then, if this performance is only for school, why the meds?   I’m jus’ sayin’… )

Mother Mandy better stop seein’ dollar $igns and blaming her son’s issues on everybody else, expecting the school district to solve his behavioural problems.    This child by the statements he’s made, needs a mental help.   She needs to get her son that help before there is a real tragedy.

So, minions, what do you think?  Should  Aidan’s bad ass been peppered sprayed,  once he was out of control?  Should the police instead had tried to ‘talk him down’?  Did the school do the right thing in callin the 5-0?

Waitin’ on you…

March 16, 2011

What Say You?

by datGurl!

Usually, I’m layin’ my intelligent opinion on the minions, but this one bears a ‘group’ opinion…

(This happened in 2009 and is just comin to litigation…)

24 yr old Levi  Mohney allegedly went to his girl’s house (this actually happened in a trailer park) and they got into a lil tiff…

When the 5-0 ‘responded’ (the majority of the reports I saw said they actually broke down the door…),  Levi was holdin’ a soda bottle of gas, and a Bic.   They claim they warned him if he didn’t give up, they would  ‘jolt’  him.    They further claim he said if they do, he’d set himself on fire.

The 5-0’s story (and they stickin’  to it),  is that he refused to surrender and then “the troopers used a stun gun and he ignited himself.”   Those exact words.   The boy wasn’t armed and did not pose a threat to anyone  but himself…

The boy burst into flames and died the next day, sufferin’ burns on 98% of his body.  24 years old.

Here’s where it gets sketchy to me:   Once he refused to surrender,  and assumin’ he’d soak himself in the gas while they were in route,  when they fired the taser, how long did he have to flic the bic and set himself on fire?    Those lil prods shoot out pretty dayumm fast.  And wouldn’t firin’ a taser and creatin’ a spark,  be the wrong thing to do when the man is standin’ there soaked in a flammable liquid? 

The question is:  WHO IGNITED THE GAS…?
At any rate, the father, Shawn Mohney, is suin’ in the Western District of U.S. District Court,  (The Fed’s House) for violations of civil rights, wrongful death, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.    Mr. Geckle (Shawn’s mouthpiece) said Levi was sufferin’ from a mental disability.


Do you think that Mr. Mohney’s case has merit?  How does the situation lay out to you?  Are the troopers blameless; is it possible that Levi actually set himself on fire?   Should the troopers be dinged for makin’ the wrong decision,  to fire the taser?

Humbly waitin’ on your reply…

November 30, 2010

You ain’t got ta go home, but…

by datGurl!

Ok- if this broad can get any more scandalous,  tell me how.

Jackson Baby Mama X 2

Alejandra Oazia is the mother of Jermaine (Brother of  MJack) Jackson’s three kids- 2 boys and a girl.  The bullshyt gets deeper when you find out she is also the mother of  Randy (Brother of  MJack) Jackson’ s kids-2 boys.

Randy came first.    Jermaine’s creepy, trick ass married her after his 2nd marriage broke up.  He got away from that clean because it came to light that Get That Money Alejandra was already married to a guy named Nicholas Ray for green card purposes at the same time as being married to Jermaine, which meant that their marriage was null and void.    Was she on the money trail or what?

I guess she been loungin’ at Hayvenhurst ever since.

That’s already enough for me not to allow this nasty orifice into my yard,  let alone in my house.  This bytch can’t even call into the house, landline or cell.   These kids are brothers and sisters, and cousins!    That’s just so nasty.  On all levels.

But when you live in a woman’s home, layin’ up on your ass  baskin’ in the glory of bein’ a Jackson Baby Mama (which these days don’t mean much unless the seed is stamped “Micheal“), and she makes the decision that you and your 5 dayumm kids need to be in your own shyt,  AND tops it with an offer to just GIVE  you a condo in the San Fernando Valley that Mike had layin’ around, and  you dig you heels in the ground for more???    This was in March,  after the famous stun gun  incident. 

Y'all aint got ta go home, but you and these bad-ass mofos gots ta get tha f*ck up outta HERE!

The bytch reportedly went and got a lawyer then, tryin’ to ask for –get ready folks–  “financial security for herself and her child”, and to ‘negotiate” a “separation package to cover them in the event of a move”. 

 (*fannin’ self*)

Well -aint that a hot, crunchy-ass bytch???   This woman is not the Baby Daddy!    Sue those busted-down wannabe’s.    She generously gave you and your  crumbsnatchers a place to stay for the last few years,  which is way more than I’d do for my own dayumm kids,  and now that time has come for the ride to end, you talkin’  shyt???     No court in the world  would’ve heard  that stupid case, let alone tell Miss Katherine to cash this bytch out if she wants to get rid of her and her brood.

Miss Katherine  probably planned it this way.   Sources say that the family is in the process of packin’ boxes and movin’ shyt around, so they can do some ‘extensive renovations’ on the compound.    They ‘expect’ to be out the house for ‘several months’Good move,  Katherine.

The Busted Down Baby Daddies

Once the dust settles and the house is ready,  Miss Katherine is only lettin’ in ‘some‘ of the former residences.  Translation: Not Alejandrea and (with the exception of 20 yr old Genevieve for some reason-maybe she has a job…) her kids

The condo offer is still on the table, but if the bytch still got her heels dug in the dirt, she’s gonna be ass out.   Heard her and the boys supposedly left for Japan, so she must have some type of dough and game plan.   Plane tickets for four goin’ East aint cheap.


November 27, 2010

Makes my dayumm day…

by datGurl!

Charley is fightin back!

That chicken head, Christina “Capri Anderson Walsh, who claims she was so terrorized by Charlie Sheen  and is about to file a lawsuit against him (and his cash!), is “reconsiderin’…

Translation: “He aint goin’  for the okie doke, and if I f*ck around too much,  I might end up in jail my dayumm self, so Im outta here.”

When this first hit the fan, it smelled like Attention/Greedy Bytch bullshyt.    Look at the facts: This broad was bought and paid for to come to this party.  Aint nobody believin’ he was such a fan of her work, and it was to just have dinner as a ‘paid guest’, boo.  People would line up from here to NY to have dinner with Charlie Sheen for free, so why would he pay a mofo just to come eat with him?   SHE’S  A PORN STAR.    We all know what he ‘paid for’

She claims he was already side-wayz drunk and talkin’ loud (and hurling racist and sexist slurs, she claims) at the dinner, yet she goes back to his room with him?    (Wasnt the dinner over?   Shouldnt her ‘paid dinner guest’ duties have come to an end?   Hey, I’m jus’ sayin’…)    She watches him snort a ‘white substance’ (bytch you know it was cocaine, and you took a line or two ya dayumm self! *side eye*).

So they start suckin’ face and the clothes come off-he about to get what he really paid for- then all of sudden out of the blue, he just started chokin’ her and then threw a lamp ?    Then started trashin’ the room lookin’ for,  she says,  his wallet and keys.   (Thats very important later*)  I guess after he finished his lil ‘breakdown’, he decided to leave the room, nekkid they say, and 5-0 found her,  supposedly ‘terrified‘, locked in the bathroom.

He also threatened to kill her ‘durin’ their day in NY.    I wouldn’t even ‘be’ at ‘dinner’ that night, with a mofo who told me was gonna kill me that dayCome on now…

Yet the night they took Charlie to the loony bin, none of this was brought up.    Even went on her lil website,  assurin’ all her lonely, horny, freaky fans that she was alright (but click ‘enter’, kick cash, and see more of the boo-tay!)

This bytch is so full of shyt.   I guess ever since TigerGate, they think that if they threaten a mofo,  they will pay.    And I notice they all porn whores, strippers, cocktail waitresses or tattooed freaks…   Any way, this broad probably sat around in the ensuin’ days, and with the help of a greedy, ambulance chasin’ mouthpiece, came up with this wonderful get rich quick scheme.

She’s already on the talk-show circuit, tellin’ her pitiful, fabricated story to anybody that will listen.  Good Mornin America, Nightline…

But Charlie aint no joke.  He beat that bytch at her own game.    He turned around and filed a $1Milli dollar suit against her ass for tryin’ to shake him down, (which is exactly what she tried to do!) and the reason her ass was locked in the bathroom, was because she had his $165ThouWow,  blinged out Patek Philippe watch in there with her, tryin’ to stash it ( you-know-where).    (That’s what he was trashin the room lookin’ for!)    He called the gurl a  scuz-bucket grifter and  attention whore “opportunist porn star and publicity-hungry scam artist”.     He says she concocted this story and the threatened to call the press if he didn’t pay.    When he didn’t she called the press.  (I guess the watch was a side hustle…)

Nobody is feelin’ her.  He had Thanksgiving dinner with Denise and the kids, and Brooke refuses to tell the cops shyt about him and their relationship.

I doubt this ever hits the docket, but if it does, it would be interestin’  to see how it plays out…

If  Tiger would have fought back,  maybe he’d have come out smellin’  a little bit better than he did.   He could have filed a extortion case against some of those chicken heads.  It would have really come down to his word against theirs,  unless they have real pics and tapes and they dont,  or we would have already seen them by now, trust me.   Most of those bytches would have started blendin’ in with the scenery,  instead of becomin’ famous for star-f*ckin’  (Lawd, I dont understand this world sometimes…) like they did .


November 21, 2010

The Entitled & Privileged Mr. Poulin

by datGurl!
The Honorable Mr. Poulin. SIKE!!

When a person is sentenced to jail, the general consensus is that, to pay for their crime,  they be deprived of all the amenities of ‘life on the streets’.   No bells, no whistles-nothin extra.   No TV-at least not what you want, no outside contact, limited telephone privileges y’all know the drill.

So why does <<<–this mofo feel entitled enough to file not one but SIX lawsuits (5 dismissed, one actually pendin’!) against a Brevard Co, Florida jail because he’s mad about his treatment?

James Poulin had filed lawsuits ( who has already filed 15 delays for his trial; he’s been in jail since 2007 for DUI w/death) for access to newspapers and magazines -he doesn’t want to pay the subscriptions.    He’s filed over the food-guess he don’t like beans and franks.    Medical care-his is free, I’m payin’  for it,  so I don’t know what the deelio on that was.    His latest filin’ is because he feels ‘mental torture’  by the jail’s TV programming.    Yep- I said that.    Guess he don’t like educational programs and old and ‘older’ movies.   (The jail decided not to buy all new equipment with the world went digital.)   He wants a digital converter box hooked up.

“We have a right to the media in jail.” 

He even wrote a letter to the local television station (how did that get passed the C.O’s?) sayin’ Sheriff Jack Parker had chosen the films.  “Parker gathered up a bunch of old movies he had laying around and played them over and over for the next year,” he wrote.   “‘I have seen ‘Black Hawk Down’, ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Battle Front’ hundreds of times each, sometimes two or three times a day.” 

It’s like the old ‘;Chinese water torture.”

AND this shyt is really on the court’s docket!

Dude.   THIS IS JAIL.   You are an INMATE.   You don’t have a ‘right‘ to anything.     They don’t have to let you watch TV at all, let alone a program of your choice.    And he should be thankin’ God he’s not in Sheriff Joe’s   jail, livin’ in a tent, no heat or AC, wearin’ pink panties and eatin’ sandwiches for every meal.   It dayummm sho’ ain’t no TV in that country club.

One thing this moron can do to escape the ‘torture’, is quit tryin’ to put off his trial, get on with the sentencin’, and get the h3ll outta there.  His ass been sittin’ there livin’ off taxpayers money for the last 4 years come  January!

And TV is a lot better in prison.

What they ought to do for this fool, is put him in The Shue (solitary confinement, for those of you who really dont know), with only that dayumm TV and a ‘blankie’, and play infomercials 24/7.    Then ask that mofo what mental torture really is…


November 13, 2010

Now THAT’S Gangsta!~

by datGurl!


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”  Fantasia’s dumb ass is about to find that out the hard way- where it hurts the most: in her pockets.

Paula Cook is just that gangsta.

First of all, she slept with this woman’s man, her broom-jumped Baby Daddy, and then wanted to meet with her to ‘talk about it’Well wtf, then?

You freak a married man, swag so hard about it, you get the man’s name tattooed in a prominent area (collarbone) for all the world to see, grow super confident in your role as home wrecker and make a dayumm sex tape,  actually try to take your own life because of ‘unrequited love, to force Antwaun’s hand, or whatever the flickety- fluck the problem was, and you think the woman you played this fiddle for, is supposed to feel some level of sympathy for you??

A ‘source close to the situation’ (God, I love those anonymus, talkative people!) says ‘Tasia met with her bf’s ex-wifey on Nov. 1-for twelve hours (how can you talk to a mofo that long?  I’m sure they took bathroom and coffee breaks), and basically asked her to keep her business ‘out of her mouth and out of the courtroom’.   And then to top the shyt off, ‘Tasin offered her  a measly ass ‘as much as’ $100ThouWow to settle “durin’ mediation”.     To go away.   Like her marriage,  her feelings, her children’s future  – her life, came so cheap.   I’d be p.o’d too, at the audacity.

And she’s still datin’ him.  How ratched is that?  I wonder where his ass was during these lil “talks”?

We know they didn’t come to any type of agreement.  Not only is she still squeezin’ on her boo, ‘Tasia didnt want to own up to the fact that she knew the man was hooked up w/children when she started they lil fling.  (…and just why would that matter at this point??)  Wifey say she knew; separated is still married.  

Nobody budged.

Paula "Get That Money" Cook

So she’s about to take it to the streets, and push a civil suit against the American Idol Alumni turned Homewrecker.    NC is one of those states that recognises that “Alienation of Affection” law; the woman scorned can make that new piece pay for the failure of the marriage.   Paula is goin’ for the Full Nelson.   You can have him.   F*ck you, Pay Me.   Its nothin’.   I know it’s not her fault the man didn’t respect his wife and children enough not to cheat, but it is her fault she didn’t respect the family, the woman or herself, for that matter, enough not to cheat with him.  It’s a woman thing…   Its one thing to hear/find out/know that your man is cheatin; you can avoid runnin’ into them and  not socialize with ‘mutual friends’, but when its the highlife and splashed on every magazine and newspaper, websites and radio station, people are talkin about it, the humiliation cuts a lot deeper…

Antwuan "Dogmeat" Cook

They have another “meeting” scheduled for Nov. 22nd. 

I think that h3lla kinda cool, tho… Now, whoever made this law ‘prolly was truly scorned, been with that man maybe 30-somethin’ years, had a lot invested, a lot to lose.  She was what we can rightfully consider a Jealous Bytch.    But there should be some kind of consequence for walkin’ off with a woman’s life like that, and be ugly when you do it.   That’s a painful thing for a woman to go thru.  And SHE KNEW that man was married.   She tip-toed around with his ass till the shyt hit the fan.   He is a celebrity like her; shyt all over the news.  She broke up that woman’s family, and disrupted her kid’s lives.  Now the two of them are responsible for them comin’ from a broken home… That is just not cute.

Paula should clean up nicely, cashin’ in on Tasia’s dumb ass in the civil suit.  Dogmeat was (is?) a manager at a T-Mobile store.   So of course ‘Tasia came bearin’ gifts…  ‘Way to pick ’em,  ‘Tasia.

Mashonda, Swizz Dead-Ass Beatz ex-wifey should be diggin’ in Alicia Keyes pockets right now…  She f*cked on Swizz and conceived a baby while he was still married to Mashonda.   She’s in the same Homewrecker’s Club.

HEY! jmo…!

The ugly part is, after all this bs she is and will go thru with and because of this man, this story will end with him doin’ the same thing to her-movin’ on to the next one.    She’ll be played too.  It slays me that these woman really think that they are ‘the one’, and that he will treat her right, and never cheat on HER.  SHE’S his soulmate…they were meant to be. 

These bytches need medication and chasity belts…


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