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October 29, 2013

Ok. This is b.s …

by datGurl!


Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing about the ObamaCare website is pure folly?

Am I the only one who thinks the ReThuglicans are behind it?

It seems the website not working has been front page news since the sign ups began.  And its all blamed on Bam like he is the Wizard of Oz behind some curtain making sure it doesn’t work.  Every new report and article is stating that it’s his fault and they are relating it to how ObamaCare wasn’t going to work anyway.  I think that is so so b.s.

The website had glitches. Ok.  But those could have been fixed by a good webmaster if they really wanted to.  Personally I think that someone behind the scenes is keeping that site ‘glitchey’, so they can keep talking about it in the news.

While we’re on the subject, it might have been timed to go along with that government shutdown fiasco they just got out of.  Can you imagine holding an entire nation hostage because you didn’t get your way?  Only in America is that possible.  A few years ago they held millions of Americans by the throat when they threatened to not extend unemployment benefits if their tax cuts weren’t extended.  Bam still didn’t extend them and we (yes, we) got our benefits after weeks of terror, and right around Christmas at that.  This time they shut down the government because of ObamaCare and tried to force Bam to drop that, which is hooey since it had gone all the way to the Supreme Court and was upheld.  What more do they want???

Don’t you think it funny that this website is so damaged that it seems to can’t ever be fixed and they keep blaming it on Bam and ObamaCare?  I do.

They’re always launching investigations, they need to launch one into that and see who’s hands are dirty here.


April 19, 2012

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walkin’ With Black Granddaughter

by datGurl!

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter | NewsOne.

I know this man is hot as fish grease! Somebody call my mofo lawyer!

May 20, 2011

The Fraudulent Donald

by datGurl!

Well, well, well…
Talkin’ too much gets a foot in your own mouth sometimes.

Mr Comb Over and his online, “for profit”, Trump University, “The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative“, is under investigation for scammin’ folks out of their hard-earned money while sellin’ them a dream.

There is also a class-action suit in Federal court.

The NY State Atty General Eric Schneiderman (and five other state AG’s) is lookin’ into deceptive business practices, due to complaints of charges up to $35,000 to “learn from the master“, and overstatin’ (exaggeratin’) the U’s success rate.

the hair...

Shyt hit the fan late last year when Daily News reported that 150+ students in 22 states said they were cheated out thousands of dollars for useless courses at this bullshyt online school.  These people say they were pressured to max out credit cards and draw on 401(k)s to enroll, and then refused refunds when they wanted to pull out.   These were retirees, veterans, laid-off workers and seniors livin’ on fixed incomes.  People just tryin’ to come up…

Tarla Makaeff and Brandon Keller, an unemployed San Diego man, are the lead plaintiffs.  They allege that Trump University’s mentors and associates “guide students toward deals in which they have a personal financial interest at stake — creating a severe conflict of interest, so that the mentors profit while the student does not.”

“The seminar promised access to “exclusive” property listings, but he found the listings elsewhere online for a fraction of the cost.”

He promised consumers the golden opportunity to be his “next apprentice” and learn “insider” secrets of real estate.  All these people got for their money was expensive informercials disguised as classes.  Bullshyt.

So this mofo spent the last few months poundin’ the podium talkin’ shyt about Obama,  and his hands aint clean?   And this mofo has the nerve to file a counter claim against Ms. Makaeff for $100 Milli (punk!  she dont have it; y’all took it all!) for defamation.  This is just posturin’ for the press and a stab at intimidatin’ them into droppin’ their suits.

Aint nobody “skerred”.

This is the man who (thought he) would be President?  This man is an total idiot, and that is bein’ reflected in the press and on TV lately.  That’s why he so ‘graciaously‘ bowed out of the race.  There are too many skeletons in his closet that he wants to stay there.

Unfortunately for him, the door is already open, whether he runs or not.  Thats what he gets for tryin’ to throw Obama under the bus.  Ran his own ass over…

He should of STFU while he has the  chance.

April 22, 2011

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!~

by datGurl!

gas pump sucide

Bam is listenin’ to the people, and wonderin’ just like we are, why tf the gas prices are soarin’ through the roof, when folks can barely put food on their tables…

With that bein’ said, Bam has ordered the Justice Department to “root out” the cases of fraud or manipulation in oil markets, because he knows, like we know, that there has got to be some type of bullshyt attached to these prices.

“We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain.”

Eric Holder’s cracker-based ass had the nerve to suggest that there may be a variety of legal reasons behind gasoline’s surge to $4 a gallon. So wtf are they? The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.84 on Thursday, about 30 cents higher than a month ago and almost a dollar higher than a year ago. I saw $4.15/gal for premium today on the way home from work… And its still climbin’.

So, just like all Presidents have the power to do (but didnt), he has formed a taskforce, the Financial Fraud Enforcement Working Group, to look into the regional differences in gas prices, when the Saudi’s are chargin’ everybody the same price per barrel.

I have long thought they were gagin’ this shyt on the supply and demand game. If people want/need it, they will pay for it. That’s the reason behind prices surgin’ durin’ summer and holiday months, because they know people will be movin’ around; cars need gas to go, so… Jack it up a few more cents.

I think that for this shyt to be hoverin’ at the $5.00 mark (and they sayin’ 6.00 by mid-summer!) is absolutely ridiculous in light of the fact that the economy is bad, the nation just basically got back to work, and can barely afford the ‘necessities of life.’ The very people who they sellin this to, cant afford to buy it.

This will hopefully ‘root out’ the greedy ones. I recall the last time this was happenin’, they were bustin’ people in GA for gougin’ prices; gas was around 4.00 then, but there were gas station owners were puffin’ that up $1 or $2 a gallon.

Then there is the unrest in the Middle East and Africa, and the shyt in China; why does this have an affect on our gas prices? Especially when those countries gas prices aren’t anywhere near what we pay.

I doubt there is much he can do about these prices right now, but I’m gonna stay confident that in the long run he just might be able to regulate this shyt some…

They’re gonna raise these prices to the point no one will be able to afford it, and they will be sittin’ around lookin’ at these barrels of crude wonderin’ what to do with them, then the prices plunge to somethin’ we can live with… And stay there.

Nice dream, huh?

April 10, 2011

The Don For President? Not.

by datGurl!
Donald Trump is such a clown.   First off he had the audacity to actually think about a run for POTUS 2012, and then say he can do a better job than Bam, ‘based on his experience.’

The Extreme Intricate Comb Over 2011

They have a “Birther Movement“.   And he actually has a team in HI.,  investigatin’ Obama’s birth certificate.  Aint this some bullshyt?

I have never seen people so transfixed on bullshyt since I don’t know when…   Why is he in the business like this?   Didn’t the ReThuglicans already beat this horse to death?   The man told y’all where he was born and when.
His un-american attitude, they say.   This is why this is such a big deal to these people.  More propaganda.   Let’s just say for the sake of insanity that the man wasn’t born in HI like he said.    What will they gain? He was elected, and he’s POTUS now, so unless they plan on bustin’ up in the Offical Crib and puttin’ him, Chelly-o, and the girls out, I don’t see any other reward.
(God, these pink people are outrageous; can’t you just see them, once they get the “offical evidence” that he was born in Nigeria or something (and have scheduled a press conference…) rushin’ the WH with the FBI, CIA, the DEA, NATO agents, John Boehner’s orange ass with  his groupies, State and local police, and the National Guard, orderin’ Bam to leave the premises immediately?    Priceless  *lol* )
OK…   And maybe they might stop him from bein ‘ re-elected.  Maybe.
Rush-Limbaugh’s drug-addled ass has already popped in with his support for this ridiculous shyt, sayin’  The Don is providin’ “a lesson on how to beat Obama in 2012.”  He is such an idiot…
The Birther Movement.   Some people really are just stupid for no reason.  Donald Trump is actin’ and entertainin’,  folks.  And he grabbed on some shyt that people would take notice of.   A gimmick. And you know its fashionable to have your name in the same business with Barack Obama these days…
We can only hope he finds some other toy to play with, other than The Presidency, and toddles his bald ass off into the sunset.
If he does manage to run, we gon’ have to pray alot…

March 26, 2011

Rape by Finger?

by datGurl!

I have a stupid question:

If a person has had a full penectomy (surgical removal of the penis),  can they be guilty of rape?

51 yr old Bobby Yates, of racist-ass Paris, Tx., lost the entire bottom half of his body-both legs and his ding-ding – as the result of  huntin’ accident 20 years ago, but they say he committed the crime with his fingers.    (Oh, snap!)

On March 18, a 16 yr old white gurl and two white adult men knocked on his door, claimin’ they were locked out of their place.  He let them in.  (This was a dumb move, Bobby…) A while later,  HE calls 911,  tellin’  the operator that three people were in his home,  threatening his life, he was afraid of them, and they would not leave.  They had already beat him in the face.  On the 911 tape, Bobby is clearly heard tellin’ these people to get out of his house, and not to come near him.  When the police got there,  he tells them they refused to leave his house, snatched the phone from him, and jerk his wheelchair tryin’ to keep him from leavin’ the house.

The white gurl tells them he touched her vagina, and Bobby is arrested.  They walk out the house just like they came in.  Un-cuffed. The man  who called the 5-0 is off to jail.

Bobby is facin’ charges for the ‘sexual assault’ of this 16 yr old, who came to his house with two grown-ass men at 2 o’clock in the mornin’.  And this man sittin’ in the wheelchair, with no dyck, is supposed to have done it…

So just how did this ‘assault’ work out?  How did his fingers get to the cooch?  I know he didn’t ‘walk’ over to her, so who bought the coochie to him-put it in reach?  Where were the other two guys while this was goin’ on?

And what about the 911 call? Doesnt anybody want to know why three white folks are in this man’s home at two a.m. in the morning?  Why is his face beaten and bruised and they don’t have a scratch on them?  Where is this 16 yr old’s parents at this time of the mornin, while she’s runnin’ around with grown men?

Why they not in jail for home invasion and assault,  they dayumm selves?

This is all in Lamar County where they may as well be walkin’ around in KKK robes.  I can’t see how this could even get on paper, let alone to trial.  To top if off, the Public Pretender the court appointed to Bobby has file a motion to remove himself from the case, leavin’ Bobby’s ass  flailin’  in the wind.  The judge denied that and I don’t know if that a good thing, since the lil mofo hasn’t even properly prepared for the case…

This man is in the wrong place at the wrong time.   He lives in a racist county, in a racist state, at time when the world is highly polarized and racially divided over the election of America’s  first Black President (hopefully not the last!)  in anybody’s history.

This is some bullshyt, and I will be watchin’ this trial as much as possible. I want to see the exact moment when clarity kicks in (if it does), and this case is dismissed…

Justice for Bobby Yates

March 16, 2011

Dumb Criminal Files: The Conscious Consumer

by datGurl!

35 yr old (he oughta know better!)  Antonio Recinos  is a consumer who realizes that makin’ a buck go as far as it can is a good thing, and gettin’ a deal is always the goal.

But when Antonio felt like he didn’t get his money’s worth he went all the way out.

3 o’clock in the dayumm mornin’, this ^ fool was callin’ 911  to lodge his consumer complaint.   When he spotted a beat cop, an approached him to complain on the spot.

He pulled out a baggie of coke and told the officer his dealer had ‘shorted’ him.   He claimed the 0.4 gm “don’t look right; he didn’t get his 40.00 worth”.

‘Guess they growin’  dummies in Connecticut.

So what did he really expect the po-po to do??  He is  standin’ there holdin’ a bag of dope, drunk  (had to be, to come up with this clever idea…) as h3ll?   Did he expect him to whip out his lil notepad and start investigatin’?  Was he gonna point the man out and demand he be arrested or give his money back?

I know he didn’t expect that mofo to cuff his ass up, tho.    That’s just that happened .  Now he has a court date for possession of a controlled substance, had to bail on $5G’s, and looks like a dayumm fool. 

In other Dumb Criminal Files:   The Debut of the “Halfro

David was havin’ a very bad hair day- this boy was sittin’ in somebody’s apartment gettin’ his hair done (I guess braided it looks pretty rough in the pic), and was, he says, ‘approached in an aggressive manner’  by another man in the place, so he jumped and ‘protected’  himself by stabbin’ dude in the back with a pair of scissors.    And again, how is that protectin’  oneself?

While he may have ruined his life bein’ stupid and on the path to a life of crime, ( he was of course cuffed up and charged with 1st degree assault), he’ll always be remembered for this interestin’ and somewhat fly hairdo. 

And yes, he’s from Connecticut too.

Dont everybody run to their stylists at once.


October 22, 2010

This Is the !@#$%^& We Live In

by datGurl!

This is such a load of bullshyt. 

Tricia”, a 31 yr old nursing student in Grand Rapids, MI placed a notice on a private church bulletin board lookin’ for a roomie.   She said she like a Christian roommate.   I understand; she wants someone praisin’  the Lord like her, someone she had some things in common with, and hopefully someone from her own congregation.

None of that happened.

She is now the subject of civil rights/housing discrimination charges filed by The Hogs With The Big Nuts, the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan.  Someone in the congregation (traitor!) was offended and filed a dayumm complaint.

Talk about diggin’ in doo doo!   Lawd I’d want to find that cretin and kick they Holy ass…

“If you’re in the business of renting, it’s a business transaction that’s held to a standard under federal, state and local laws.”

IN THE BUSINESS?   The woman just wants help on the rent,  for God’s sake!

This just show these cretins have nothing better to do with their time on our dime.  These idiots plan on talkin’ to witnesses, doin’ site visits (where? the scene of the crime, the church?  Lawd…) and request ‘documents’.    This woman is not a landlord or property manager.   She’s not ‘in the business’ of rentin’.  She’s just a student lookin’  to rent to someone in her own home.  I’d want them to be some kinda ‘Godly”  too,  so I don’t wake up to an axe murderer carvin’ my face in half one night outta the blue.

I guess it’s now a crime to also say you want a non-smoker, or someone who likes to read now…

How does Federal housing get in this?  How do their regulations apply to a person livin’ in their own home, and wantin’  to share it with someone else?  Shouldn’t she be able to live with who and what she wants?

The Feds say she can be a Christian and she can even require that in her ‘interview process’ over lattes,  she just can’t ‘say’ it in her ad.  That’s the violation.    She can ‘in practice’ not rent to a non Christian.’  She just can’t print it.    WTF is this double-I dont-know-what -to-call-it- standard  shyt?

The Alliance Defense Fund is reppin’  “Tricia” and sent a letter to The Feds askin’  for a dismissal.    They haven’t responded yet.

They want her to ‘get trainin’ in Federal law, and reimburse the FHC the $3Hunnit for the time it took them to ‘investigate.’  And she might have to cash out the asshole who filed the complaint! O-M-G, I be hot as fish grease!  They dead serious.

These people seem to not have much to do.  This is on a leve of ridiculous-ness that I can’t even describe. 

And who is this ‘offended person’, in the church; a Christian too ‘supposedly’  praisin’ the Lord,  that filed this crazy complaint?  Someone made an interestin’ observation when they said this sounds and smells like some jealous bytch shyt.  Maybe some rejected wanna-be-ya- boo or a jealous chicken head file this complaint to get back at her.   What a fun church.  They sho’ ‘praisin the lord up in there

I hope someone at this agency or the courts sees the absurdity of this shyt and stops the madness.  But I seriously doubt it.

This is our world.  It’s gettin’ darker and darker every day…

October 18, 2010

The Bieb Takes a Stand

by datGurl!
Justin “The Bieb”  Biebers is takin’ a stand against bullyin’ and homophobia, after he was supposedly the target of “homophobic bullyin'” and the victim of some “pretty hateful words.”   By a twelve-year-old kid.  
Seems he was confronted at a laser arcade this weekend when this kid ‘repeatedly targeted’  “The Bieb”, a violation of the ‘code of honor’, from the “they ‘prolly just made it up when they realized who they were dealin’  with” handbook. 
Anyway,  Justin with the Farrah-Swooped Hair got mad when the kid sorta cornered him and kept shootin’  the laser at him.  When he told him to stop, the kid popped off with, “What are you going to do about it?”,  and called him a “faggot”.   THAT  he surely  isnt; this 16 year old is gettin’ more cat than an animal control officer pickin’ up strays.    Grown cat at that!  

The Bieb & Kimmy Cakes

 The lil incorrigible  brat ‘reached’ for him, he supposedly brushed his hand away,  and left.

His father is at the scene, tellin’ anyone who would listen, repeatedly, “I am lawyer!”, and then called the Mounted Po-Po and immediately filed a complaint against The Bieb, for assault against his son,  now sayin’  he ‘punched‘  the kid. 

They investigatin’…

First of all,  I dont see a whole campaign against bullyin’ and homophobia comin’ out of some bad-ass kid showin’  his ass at the arcade.   I smell P.R here on The Biebs part.  This is nothin’ compared to the REAL bully-cides and harassment we read about these days.  I think  Usher and his “people” thought this shyt up,  just like they thought up that stupid (but  very ‘tween’-profitable) nail polish line he is about to drop.  (I wonder if bein’  a “nail polish mogul” and that swoop-d-doop hairdo had anything to do with the f-word comin’ out?) 

 Anything to make a buck and get the pap to poppin’ dem’ flashbulbs.    No shame in the game.

Mr. “I’m a Lawyer” is just lookin’  for a payday.  This shyt sounds too dayumm ‘pat’.  Why did the kid target ” The Bieb”  in the first place, out of all those kids there?    Why did he get so aggressive?    Why is his dad yellin’ “Im a lawyer“, instead tryin’  to get to the bottom of what happened to his kid? 

This sounds like some Michael Jackson Shyt, when that guy lied about his son bein’ molested,  and got that huge $22Milli settlement from The Gloved One.    That poor boy died,  ‘prolly in part,  from the stigma  and shame.  And then,  only after his death we find out it was all a lie to “escape bein’ poor.” 

These lil ads are supposed to start next week sometime.  I’m sure he will look all adorable and sad, garnerin’ all kinds of  sympathy and shyt.  

Grab a box of tissues and stay tuned.

October 2, 2010

You Cant Just Say ANYTHING On Facebook!

by datGurl!

Or maybe you can.

I got this message in my inbox on Facebook recently:

FB Dummy  September 11 at 11:00am Report
i got bags of light 2 for 10 n i got GRAPES!! N i got pills 2 for 10. I got the best trees in XXXXX. hit me (xxx)xxx-xxxx or (xxx)xxx-xxxx
For reals.   AND – thats they REAL phone number!
Ok so now we have drug dealers actively advertisin’ on FB.   Me?  Id have personally been scared shyt-less to advertise that I have two kinds of weed and ‘pill’s  (various?) 2 for $10.00, when it’s in the news on the daily that  5-o access social networks for clues to crimes and stupid people like this outin’ themselves on dumb shyt.  I guess you’d call this an’ advancement in ghetto enterprise’.
I’m surprised they havent kicked in this person’s door already.  
Of course the word on the street will be somebody ‘snitched’ on them…
Sometimes people just amaze me with the level of stupidity they achieve.


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