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March 25, 2011

In Other Oink Oink News…

by datGurl!

Readin’ an update in the home-town paper this mornin’ about a ‘special’ spousal abuse case.  SMH.  I knew it was gonna be like this…

This Merced Co Sherriff, Johnny Mathis, ruffed his woman  Kathy up, and they dismissin’ the case,  pendin’ his completion of some dayumm counselin’ sessions…  He’s already done seven.

Keep in mind,  this man is a law enforcement officer sworn to uphold the law– who would come and wrestle your ass to the ground, cuff you up and throw you under the jail to wait for that jail time they ’bout to give you,  for yellin’ too loud at yours.

Shouldnt he be “held to a higher standard?

He kicked his wife’s ass (an on-duty dispatcher with the department) in uniform, on duty, in the sheriff’s main office!   How much clearer could it get?

He at work;  she at work.  They havin’ a tiff in front of the office that escalated inside.  Shyt got heated and he threw his cell at her and started manhandling’ her, tossin’  her around.    People and other officers in the office at the time had to save the woman.    I  guess he was gonna just beat her down right in the police face…  They didn’t even arrest his ass then!

He was eventually charged with misdemeanor spousal abuse, and they dismissin’ that April 13th.  And he’s lookin’  to get back to his ‘law enforcement career.

Wifey is in ‘protection mode’, sayin’ it was just a verbal disagreement with hubby and somebody else, and that he’s never abused her, he doesn’t have anger issues.  She standin’ by her man  (till he beats that ass again!)

And there was a witness to the beat down who has since reconsidered his story…  (This is some bullshyt…)

But civil suits against this mofo for excessive force, have (so far) cost the county $400ThouWow+ …  There’s a problem somewhere.

It’s such a trip how police officers can do dayumm near anything and just walk away from it.  Beat they wives, steal dope from the evidence room,  sell dope, plant evidence, beat and kill innocent (mostly minority) people, etc, and just walk away from it.   I just don’t get it.

Esteban Carpio -a Trooper 'admitted' to punchin him in the face. But only 'three times'...

And Esteban is on trial for shootin his partner in the face, with his own gun.    He just wasnt gonna take that ass whuppin’.

I guess sometimes Justice aint blind…


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