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December 27, 2013

Affluenza My Ass…

by datGurl!


So a judge has ruled that the lil bopper who got drunk and killed a family of four is not liable.

So who is?  Somebody has to be- four people are dead.

Here’s my wonderful opinion: Underage drinking is illegal.   Vehicular manslaughter is illegal.   Leaving the scene is an illegal action.  All these are crimes that somebody usually goes to jail for.  So since the judge feels the young man is not responsible,  I say throw those affluent-ass parents of his in jail and let them pay for these crimes.

They paid for every thing else.

I’m jus’ sayin’…


July 16, 2013

A Travesty of Justice

by datGurl!

hoodie 1

I am truly disheartened today.  As we all know that barbarian George Zimmerman was acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin.  This man was guilty as sin.  The world knew it.  He knew it.  That’s why he didn’t want to take the stand in his own defense, because they would have murdered him on the stand…

But how could this be? It was clearly that boy’s voice on the 911 tape.  But they would not allow the Voice Recognition Expert to take the stand and confirm that.  Zimmerman was allowed to go home after the police arrived at the scene.  Who does that, when it’s just you and a dead body and no one knows what happened? In the real world, that person would have gone to jail till this was figured out, instead of home to come up with a story and fake injuries.   And what about those injuries?  There were clearly no injuries on this boob when they finally did arrest him, and he was shown coming out of the police car at the jail.  But when he made his little ‘commercial’ he was banged and bandaged up.  The first 911 operator told him not to follow this ‘suspect’ that a unit was on the way, but he did anyway, and his comments on that call solidified for the whole world, his feelings about this black man in a hoodie.

The bigger picture is what message is this sending to our children, our Black children especially?  The message I am getting is that it is no longer okay to walk down the street wearing a hoodie, lest you be profiled as a hoodlum and shot down in the street.   That you have to worry each time your child leaves home in his hoodie, and wonder if, minding his own business, he has encountered his own George Zimmerman.

And it is okay to kill a Black person and expect to get off scott free.  Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, and Charles de Menezes (7x in the head-No Conviction), Tyisha Shenee Miller, fired on 24 times sittin’ in her car in a mall parkin’ lot.    She was holdin’ her cellphone…Four to the head killed her.    She was labeled a gangbanger, and they walked.  Scott free.  In each of these cases, the victim was eviscerated in court, and the perps set free.
The family is planning to file Federal civil rights charges against this cretin.  They will hopefully stick like they did to O.J.  Even though he was acquitted, he was found guilty, in civil court and ordered to pay millions.

But as my friend, Precilla said, Zimmerman may have not gone free, but he will never be free in his mind, in his soul, or his spirit, because he knows he did the wrong thing and will have to try and live with that.  Then again, public outcry is so fierce over this, somebody might lay hands on him themselves, unless Florida is going to pay for protection, and then how long will that last?  He can’t hide forever…

I will never look at a can of Arizona Ice Tea and a pack of Skittles the same way again.

Here’s a bit of history*

April 24, 2013

The Posturing Begins…

by datGurl!


This monster is delayin’ his trial so he can -wait for it- get a mental evaluation!

Mario. McNeil is on trial for the rape and murder of 5 yr old  Shaniya Davis

THIS IS BULLSHYT!  They are just stallin’ for time, why I don’t know.   As far as I’m concerned,  they’ve had THREE PHUCKN YEARS to get his head examined.  NOW they want to come up with this? Absurdly,  yes.  They’re also claimin’ the prosecution offered to take it off the table if he led them to the body.  Of course they deny that.

He really thinks he can get off for this crime.  Why else would he turn down the deal that took the DP off the table in exchange for Life Without A Pop? Does he think he can go thru a trial and win?

You’re gonna face the music, Cretin.  You and that worthless ass momma of hers.  The whole orchestra.  This shyt is real life, this ain’t no game you can play, then pick up your toys and go home.

I just wish I could be there when they fall.


June 23, 2012

Sounds Like Bullshyt…

by datGurl!


Woke up to b.s. this mornin’.

This mofo is on TV supposedly tellin’ his side of the story. His attorney released a 15 min vid with Zimmy Boo at the crime scene, reenactin’ the events of that night.

Go watch the shyt.

Now let’s talk about it

The first problem I have with it, is that he is deep in these apartments, far from the truck the po-po told his ass to stay in and not follow Trayvon. He also claimed Trayvon was ‘standin’ in front of a house that had recently been broken into’. (Ok….)

The struggle he claims they had could’nt have happened the way he said. Trayvon supposedly said things that sounded unnatural for the situation, unnatural for Trayvon.

The way he described Trayvon seein’ and then goin’ for his gun; what mofo with splittin’ seconds is slidin’ his hand down the chest on the way to the gun, instead of goin’ str8 for the piece? All that clampin’ down and reachin’ for the gun, gettin it out and gettin’ one off didn’t happen. And the autopsy said Trayvon was shot from an intermediate range; not as close as he described…

He gave me the impression he was makin’ the shyt up as he went along.

I’m not buyin’ it with your money. I’m hopin’ the jury doesn’t either.

What say you?

June 3, 2012

Cuffed Up Again!

by datGurl!


Zimmy Boo is back in the slammer!  See, what had happened was…

They caught this mofo and his wifey lyin’ through they teeth.  About the money.   At the bail hearin’, they said they were broke.  “Limited” funds.   But in real life, they had $150G’s, from the website he set up days after murkin’ Trayvon, still in the free world.  What innocent person sets up a website, pleadin’ his case?  A guilty mofo.

So if he lied about the money, what else is he lyin’ about?  How and why he shot Trayvon?

This is what happened, y’all:

Trayvon went and got his Skittles and tea, and was on his way back to the house.  This cretin, instead of mindin’ his and goin’ to Target like his bro claims he was, decided to play the cop he always wanted to be when he grew up, and approached this boy. 

“What’re you doin’ here?”

Anybody normal would ask this mofo with no badge, no uniform, “And who the phuck are you?”  At this point this mofo ‘prolly grabbed Trayvon and commenced to gettin’ the shyt whupped outta him.

Zimmy Boo pulled that gun to get out from under that ass whuppin’. Plain and simple.

He was racially profilin’ Trayvon based on the flimsy excuse that there had been recent break-ins in the area.  What second-story man brings candy and a drink to the job?

His mouthpiece plans to schedule a new ball hearing, and plans to call this all a huge mistake…  They think he’ll be released again.

Mofo turned himself in lookin’ fresh and clean, healthy (not like he’s recoverin’ from a brutal beating…)  With $500 in his pocket.But he’s broke, let him tell it.

I hope this makes Florida open their eyes and see the spots on this leopard, and keep his ass on ice till the trial starts.

Stranger things have happened…


May 2, 2012

What is The REAL issue????

by datGurl!

This is not healthy.  I can’t imagine what she is seein’ when she looks in the glass…

She is phuckin’ Black as hell!.  And she busted coz she took her 5 yr old to the salon, and she got burned!

April 21, 2012

Little do he kno…

by datGurl!

So that lil mofo got bail.  $150G’s.  The cretin put on a show, askin’  to speak to the family.  Good move but it didnt work – they refused to see his punk ass.

Here’s the test: Do he really wanna be out???   People not feelin’ this or him.

Picked off at 100 paces.


This might be the face of a Wanted Man…

Ahm jus’ sayin’…

April 19, 2012

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walkin’ With Black Granddaughter

by datGurl!

White Grandfather Cuffed For Walking With Black Granddaughter | NewsOne.

I know this man is hot as fish grease! Somebody call my mofo lawyer!

April 17, 2012

Bill O’Reilly on Trayvon Martin

by datGurl!

Bill O’Reilly Trayvon Martin | NewsOne.

Her lawyer should have known Unfair & Biased Fox News was not the thing to do… #smdh

March 25, 2011

In Other Oink Oink News…

by datGurl!

Readin’ an update in the home-town paper this mornin’ about a ‘special’ spousal abuse case.  SMH.  I knew it was gonna be like this…

This Merced Co Sherriff, Johnny Mathis, ruffed his woman  Kathy up, and they dismissin’ the case,  pendin’ his completion of some dayumm counselin’ sessions…  He’s already done seven.

Keep in mind,  this man is a law enforcement officer sworn to uphold the law– who would come and wrestle your ass to the ground, cuff you up and throw you under the jail to wait for that jail time they ’bout to give you,  for yellin’ too loud at yours.

Shouldnt he be “held to a higher standard?

He kicked his wife’s ass (an on-duty dispatcher with the department) in uniform, on duty, in the sheriff’s main office!   How much clearer could it get?

He at work;  she at work.  They havin’ a tiff in front of the office that escalated inside.  Shyt got heated and he threw his cell at her and started manhandling’ her, tossin’  her around.    People and other officers in the office at the time had to save the woman.    I  guess he was gonna just beat her down right in the police face…  They didn’t even arrest his ass then!

He was eventually charged with misdemeanor spousal abuse, and they dismissin’ that April 13th.  And he’s lookin’  to get back to his ‘law enforcement career.

Wifey is in ‘protection mode’, sayin’ it was just a verbal disagreement with hubby and somebody else, and that he’s never abused her, he doesn’t have anger issues.  She standin’ by her man  (till he beats that ass again!)

And there was a witness to the beat down who has since reconsidered his story…  (This is some bullshyt…)

But civil suits against this mofo for excessive force, have (so far) cost the county $400ThouWow+ …  There’s a problem somewhere.

It’s such a trip how police officers can do dayumm near anything and just walk away from it.  Beat they wives, steal dope from the evidence room,  sell dope, plant evidence, beat and kill innocent (mostly minority) people, etc, and just walk away from it.   I just don’t get it.

Esteban Carpio -a Trooper 'admitted' to punchin him in the face. But only 'three times'...

And Esteban is on trial for shootin his partner in the face, with his own gun.    He just wasnt gonna take that ass whuppin’.

I guess sometimes Justice aint blind…


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