Chris Around the Bend

by datGurl!
lookin' stupid

lookin’ stupid

Somebody made a believer out of Chris “Bad Azz” Brown.

Reports state that a judge has ordered him to remain locked up till his April 23rd probation hearing.   These same reports also said that he is in there having a nervous breakdown:

“He only drinks water and the watered-down orange juice they give him. They slide him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bread with some five-year-old baloney, but he doesn’t eat that. He wouldn’t even let his dogs eat that. Chris is suffering. He’s going crazy. He has been stripped of everything. He doesn’t even have underwear on. He’s got nothing and no one.”

I bet he never thought he’d find himself in this predicament.  There’s no poppin’ bottles in the pokey. Up to now he has managed to stay out of jail, so I guess he didn’t think he’d ever have to go.

His lil off and on again girl-toy Karruche told the press she will devastate his life, his career, and his future; he flat-out hates to be told what to do and hates following orders.

He’s gonna mind somebody or find his lil light weight azz locked up again, this time for a longer period.

He should take some notes from Lindsay Lohan…  the judge wasnt playin’ with her either.



3 Comments to “Chris Around the Bend”

  1. no underwear???

  2. According to TMZ, Mark Geragos, the singer’s lawyer, is currently negotiating with the victim’s lawyer in order to set a civil settlement. If they agree to drop the criminal case against the singer, his jail time will be shortened.

  3. I wonder where his swag is now…

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