Affluenza My Ass…

by datGurl!


So a judge has ruled that the lil bopper who got drunk and killed a family of four is not liable.

So who is?  Somebody has to be- four people are dead.

Here’s my wonderful opinion: Underage drinking is illegal.   Vehicular manslaughter is illegal.   Leaving the scene is an illegal action.  All these are crimes that somebody usually goes to jail for.  So since the judge feels the young man is not responsible,  I say throw those affluent-ass parents of his in jail and let them pay for these crimes.

They paid for every thing else.

I’m jus’ sayin’…


One Comment to “Affluenza My Ass…”

  1. see the criminalization of “victimless crimes” as a pretext for imposing personal, religious or moral convictions on otherwise productive citizens or taxpayers.

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