Dear Abby: My Son is an Asshole (& Yes, a Poll!)

by datGurl!

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Industrial Strength for this mofo!~

“I don’t want this to become an issue with my son.”   Ain’t THAT a bytch?   I would kick his flickin’ arse,  thinkin’ he could play me like this… 

This lil’ mothaflucka deserves a well- planned and equipped, ass-whuppin.  A down-home ass whuppin’, where he just know he ‘BET not do it again…

How dare him play my heart-strings like that;  that I thought he would not make it.   I promised that out of love, and he’s tryin’  to collect out of greed.    The mere fact that this is presentin’ itself as a financial bind to me, and you still pressure me- your parent who raised you?- is beyond belief to me.     Period.

DEAR ABBY: My 31-year-old son, “Joey,” who needs a heart transplant, almost died a few weeks ago.    The doctors told us he wouldn’t make it through the weekend.     I was beside myself.    On what we thought was his deathbed,   I told Joey I would give him anything he wanted if he pulled through.   

 He wanted a very expensive sports car.

Well, my son pulled through, but has other physical challenges.    My husband and I are sending him $500 a month until he starts receiving money from Social Security.    It’s the best we can do right now.    The problem is, Joey keeps hounding me about the sports car.   I cannot afford this gift.    We have offered to have his current vehicle reconditioned or give him my year-old car with its very low mileage.

I do not want this to become an issue with my son.    I have told him his heart condition is the priority and to let everything else fall into place.     It’s eating me alive that I can’t give my son what I promised.    On the other hand, his request is unreasonable.



But:  I digress, and leave you to your [opine…]


7 Comments to “Dear Abby: My Son is an Asshole (& Yes, a Poll!)”

  1. oh i could say alot to “Joey”!

  2. I am praying for you and your family.
    We don’t often believe that God will hear us and answer our prayers and yet he does when we are so helpless to prove he is and to give us faith.

    Shall he also make away for us to honor our vows to him as long as he is in our hearts? Did you only vow this to your son, or did you also vow this in saving prayer?

  3. This is what I would say:

    My family had a similar experience with a young relative who was blessed to pull through a life-threatening illness. After recovery, he was more concerned with what he wanted than what his mom went through while he was sick, and what she still goes through because he still has certain health restrictions and limitations. I understand that you want to honor your promise because he made it through, but he has to realize that God blessed him to live, and it wasn’t to hound or manipulate his parents over a material possession. Keep doing what you are able to do, and ask God to touch his heart and help him realize how blessed he is to be alive. And please, do not allow him to use his illness and near-death experience to make you feel guilty and manipulate you into something you really can’t do. I’m praying for you and your son, and your family. Be blessed.


    I read this in the actual Dear Abby thingy… I told yall I would have whupped his ass into anotha heart attack. Knowin I cant afford this and he gon’ play me like this?

  5. 31 is a bit old to be hollering for mommy but when I had mine heart attack if my mother was alive and there that would have been all I needed.

  6. Joey needs to be glad he is still verticle!

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