May 17, 2014


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Isn’t this an awesome picture of MJack?

March 26, 2014

A Sick Individual… (WTF?)

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Sometimes you just have to ask yourself ‘why’…

this look funny to you???

this look funny to you???

A two-year-old was hurt after razor blades were placed on playground equipment at Millennium Park in East Moline. Police say they found several blades glued to playground equipment by person or persons unknown.

The two-year-old was cut across three fingers but will be ok.

Why would someone do something like this??? Why would someone want to hurt innocent children??? This rocket scientist needs to be caught and soundly beaten to a quivering pulp. Maybe they thought it was funny.

It’s not.

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March 25, 2014


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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370


We wont forget…

It has been confirmed that the plane was lost in the southern Indian Ocean, and all 289 people aboard perished.

God be with their families…

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March 20, 2014

Chris Around the Bend

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lookin' stupid

lookin’ stupid

Somebody made a believer out of Chris “Bad Azz” Brown.

Reports state that a judge has ordered him to remain locked up till his April 23rd probation hearing.   These same reports also said that he is in there having a nervous breakdown:

“He only drinks water and the watered-down orange juice they give him. They slide him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bread with some five-year-old baloney, but he doesn’t eat that. He wouldn’t even let his dogs eat that. Chris is suffering. He’s going crazy. He has been stripped of everything. He doesn’t even have underwear on. He’s got nothing and no one.”

I bet he never thought he’d find himself in this predicament.  There’s no poppin’ bottles in the pokey. Up to now he has managed to stay out of jail, so I guess he didn’t think he’d ever have to go.

His lil off and on again girl-toy Karruche told the press she will devastate his life, his career, and his future; he flat-out hates to be told what to do and hates following orders.

He’s gonna mind somebody or find his lil light weight azz locked up again, this time for a longer period.

He should take some notes from Lindsay Lohan…  the judge wasnt playin’ with her either.



March 12, 2014

Gone to the Dogs…

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Some people will do anything for attention, or is this a message to her ex-hubby?

This woman says she finally found the true meaning of marriage when she married her dog.  Yes that’s what I said:  her dog.

Amanda Rodgers and her dog/wife Sheba appeared on British television’s ITV’s “This Morning” Tuesday to discuss why she decided to wed her pet in a ceremony attended by 200 people in Croatia last week.

“I knew that we were meant to be.” 

OK.  This woman says she got down on one knee and proposed to the bytch and that when Sheba wagged her tail, that was a yes.   She even said Sheba, a 4-year-old Jack Russell, controls whether they sleep in the bedroom and added she once made a man sleep in the dog bed for a whole week.

(And he was an idiot.  SMH)

What is this world coming to…

What do you think:  Is this broad for real or is this some kind of publicity stunt? (yes there is a poll!)



February 27, 2014


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Is this for the police or the crack heads...?

Is this for the police or the crack heads…?

I guess this they think this would really just stop the cops in their tracks and keep them from kickin’ the door in? Or maybe the fiends that lurk in the night?


February 19, 2014

Why Is CNN Continuing To Legitimize George Zimmerman?

by datGurl!


I’d like you know the answer to that question too…

Originally posted on News One:

George Zimmerman

As admirable as it is to pretend that if we just ignore George Zimmerman and his pathetic attempts at turning the infamy he gained from killing Trayvon Martin into full-fledged celebrity, I am neither that naive nor optimistic. Sure, I support anyone who refuses to utter his name ever again. Hell, I applaud you and agree that the less we hear the name George Zimmerman, the better off we all are.

RELATED: VERDICT IN: Michael Dunn Found Guilty Of 3 Counts Of Attempted 2nd-Degree Murder, Mistrial Declared On 1st-Degree Murder Charge

Still, he’ll remain a headline not because of who he is, but because our click-bait culture makes it impossible for anyone of note to go into obscurity. This is especially true if the person with notoriety is a smug, shameless pariah pressed to extend his relevance. This is a testament to the much touted “democratization of celebrity.”  I feel dirty…

View original 529 more words

January 8, 2014

A Jesus Moment

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Family, I have been feelin’ this song for a minute and decided to share it with you.   Let’s set the atmosphere…


January 3, 2014

Aww Uncle Phil…

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Well done, good and faithful servant...

Well done, good and faithful servant…

Sad news today when I woke up.  James Avery, the eloquent Uncle Phil on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” passed away due to complications from open-heart surgery.  He was 65 yrs. old.


James Avery
Nov. 27, 1948 ~ Dec. 31, 2013

God bless and keep his family…*

December 31, 2013

Again? Really?

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Soup lines are on their way back…

What is the matter with this Congress we have?  What is 1.3 million people supposed to do come Jan. 1?

I think the decision to extend  the benefits should be tied to the unemployment rate.  Once people can get back to work, then make a decision on whether or not to extend the benefits.  There are not many jobs.   People can’t apply for and get jobs that are not out there.  Even though there had been a significant change in the unemployed, we still have a long way to go to make it completely out of the recession.

So whats going to happen?  These people, as I said before, will turn to the state and government for help.  Welfare applications will rise, food stamp applications will rise,  A  lot of these people will end up in the streets-homelessness will rise.  And what does that mean to Congress then? More money (that stuff they tryin’ not to spend) will be needed to dig these people out.  Not all of these people have savings to back them up and if they had rich relatives there wouldn’t be a need for the benefits, ya think?  These people have families as well counting on them to pay the bills as best they can.

While the national unemployment rate fell in November to 7 percent, after reaching as high as 10 percent in 2009, finding work is still a struggle for many. More than one-third of the unemployed, or 4 million people, had been out of work for more than 27 weeks as of last month, according to the U.S. Labor Department. Most states provide 26 weeks of unemployment benefits.

The Feds kicked in 2008, under President George W. Bush. At its most generous, in 2012, the program allowed the jobless to collect checks for as many as 99 weeks, including state benefits, according to the White House. Congress scaled that back to a maximum of 73 weeks in states with the highest unemployment.  With the highest unemployment?  Come on now!

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said last week he would push for an extension “after the new year.” Ads by a liberal group blasting the Republicans for inaction are running this week on cable TV networks, including CNN.

I don’t think they care.


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