Spare The Rod…

by datGurl!

Kill they ass later.

Flamboyant, money-changin’ Atlanta pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested Saturday on Domestic Violence charges, for what I call chastisin’ his disrespectful, ungrateful 15 yr old daughter.

Seems a argument ensued late Friday night over whether or not she can go to a party on Saturday night.

I’m not that fond of Creflo or his lil World Changer’s Church,International “ministry” and definitely don’t condone domestic violence, but I do reserve his right to smack the shyt out of his daughter when she’s not listenin’.

You can’t go, means you phuckn can’t go. Period. All the extras aren’t necessary. She had extras. Children don’t have the right to talk back, and certainly not talk shyt about what they not gonna do or what they don’t have to do. Especially when I’ve already told you what to do…

Not in my house.

This lil gurl is 15. She really shouldn’t be doin’ too much partyin’ anyway. And Dad said no. Grades not up to par. Her lil dumb ass should’ve been at home studyin’, instead of droppin’ it like it’s hot somewhere.


Not a good look...

The other daughter is grimey too. She stepped to the mic when the po-po was there and collab’d everything the lil one said. She ‘prolly wanted to go to the party too. Taffy didn’t see a thing.

Both of them would have to be somewhere else when I bailed out.

Pastor Dollar has categorically denied the charges, callin’ them an exaggeration of a ‘family discussion’ that got out of control.

I’m sure he’s highly ptf off. Now he has these charges to fight in a public forum, at that. Then deal with the madness goin’ on in his household. That in the public eye too.

Bein’ rich and famous has it’s advantages, but I’m glad I’m just lil Ole Me. I can kick my kids’ ass and not have it become a National Event.


2 Comments to “Spare The Rod…”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been making the rounds, but had to stop by and see what’s up. Sadly, this post hit a little too close to home.
    My oldest boy is currently incarcerated, just made parole, but waiting for a bed in a halfway house as I text this. I remember when he was younger telling him that I didn’t care what his teachers or the authorities thought, if he got out of line I would smack the shit out of him…and did. Even with my smothering him with love, prodding him for answers to where he was constantly, making him be accountable when he did something wrong, punishing him and applauding him when he was due, he still messed up. I’ve blamed myself at times, wondering if there was something I should’ve done differently. I know now that it takes a village to make or break children, and my influence was just but one. I still believe though, if I hadn’t made the effort to reprimand him for his negative actions he would be in a far worse position than he is. And I must have done something right, because in this whole world I am the only one he trusts, the only one he leans on, and the only one that he listens to.
    This is exactly what’s wrong with society today. The children–who are not emotionally equipped to make good decisions for themselves–have been given rights exclusive from their parents. When the hell did parenting become a job of the public?

    • Hey Boo!
      Missed ya face in the place.
      Yeah this lil gurl… Smackdown WWF in this biatch! My parents didnt play this shyt. We did as we were told, and it didn’t have shyt to do with how we felt or what we wanted. They also said “what goes on in my house stays in my house”.

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