God Dayumm, Don!

by datGurl!


This guy never shuts the phuck up!!

The Donald was in Las Vegas riding the stiff polyester coat tails of Mr. Plastic Mitt Rommney.  Beatin’ that same ridiculous horse about Bam’s place of birth.

What he did was steal Mitt’s Moment.  Mitt had just clinch the delegates of anal-ass Texas (not such a huge victory; he’s all that’s left, besides The Black Guy), and was at the podium with his equally plastic wifey -big hair and all- with The Donald (???).

Instead of givin’ Mitt his props, he starts blatherin’ about this Birther shyt.

Why the phuck was he even on stage??? What was Mr. Plastic thinkin’???

He really needs to let this shyt go.  The state of Hawaii confirmed the man was born there, and he is the POTUS, so wtf does he expect to gain? It’s not like he can be bounced out of the White House today over this.

If Mr. Plastic has any sense, he’d run as fast as he can in any direction, far away from The Comb-Over Clown.

The Donald’s racist panties are showin’.


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